Hello my name is Amanda Knigga, and I am the summer intern here at DOMA. My focus for the internship is student and community engagement. I will be involved in organizing Final Friday later hours for the 2014-2015 school year, Quad Bash on Friday, August, 22nd, and Community Day on Saturday, September, 13th, and of course, contributing to the blog with exciting news and events that are taking place at DOMA.

I am a senior at Ball State University, pursuing a major in photography and intermedia art which incorporates different genres of art making such as video and sculpture with a minor in art history. The arts have always been of great interest to me and have played a significant part in my life. After graduation I wish to continue making art and become involved in an institutional setting of the art world. I could think of no better place to become acquainted with the educational side of art than here on campus at DOMA.

I am thrilled to be able to combine my interests in art, art history, and museums into one position, and I look forward to what this experience will yield.

Although I have yet to complete a website featuring my work, here are just a few examples you can enjoy now.