As new contributors to the DOMA Insider blog, we would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves and explain our different roles in the museum.

I am Alysha M. Page, currently a second-year Graduate student of history at Ball State University. As a child my two dreams in life were to be an historian or an artist, so I’ve always been conscious of the relatedness of historical events and artistic expression. This confers me with a unique perspective in my field of study in which I research not only a particular historical occurrence but also the artwork inspired by said occurrence. I am eager to share my perspective with Ball State, Muncie, and online community. Since I became familiar with the David Owsley Museum, it has been a vital resource in my collegiate career, and my highest hope is to be as beneficial to DOMA as it has been for me. While my initial intent was to teach Medieval Studies at the university level, I have since realized that a career in museum studies is better-suited to my interests, affording me the ability to inform, research, and appreciate history and art simultaneously. My aspirations for contributing to this blog are simple: to share my passion for art and history with readers, and, hopefully, I will inspire a similar interest in their lives. Additionally, I look forward to sharing my journey as a curatorial research and gallery interpretation intern.

My name is Katie Norman and I am a junior at Ball State. I am a double major in Art History and Studio Art, and also the Spring Undergraduate Intern for the David Owsley Museum of Art. During my time as an intern here, I would like to help enhance the student learning experience provided by the DOMA’s collection. This is my first introduction to working in a museum and I am very excited to see what the future holds. After college, I hope to attend graduate school to study art conservation. As a conservator I work to ensure artwork will remain available for future generations to enjoy. As an artist, I understand how important it is to look to the past for inspiration. I hope that my blog posts will help artists and art lovers alike become inspired by the work we have displayed for visitors to enjoy.

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