Longtime museum lover, Christine Lussier, joined the David Owsley Museum of Art staff this past August. Before being hired on as Office Administrator/Guard Supervisor, Christine served the museum as a docent since August of 2012. This past week, I sat down with Christine to learn more about the welcoming woman behind the front desk.

Ashley Wehmiller: How did you become familiar with the David Owsley Museum of Art?

Christine Lussier: I had been to the museum once over 30 years ago for a quick visit so I knew it existed, but that was about it.  In August of 2012, I moved to Muncie with my partner who was returning to school. He forwarded an email message from the museum about an informational meeting for people interested in being docents. I had wanted to be a museum docent for a long time, but my day jobs had always limited my availability. At that point, I was teaching online so I was able to attend and sign up for the training. It has been one of the highlights of living in Muncie.

AW: What is your role at the museum and what does it entail?

CL: In August of this year, I moved from volunteer docent to paid Administrator.  We have a small staff so my duties include a wide range of activities including training and supervising the guard/visitor assistant staff, publishing the newsletter, maintaining a presence on social media with the help of the interns and fellows, organizing events, getting the bills paid, and lots of other things to help keep the museum running smoothly. I am still a docent and give tours when I can.

AW: What are your past experiences with art and/or museums?

CL: When I was middle-school age, I used to walk to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art which at that time was in a huge, gorgeous old house a block away from home. After looking at the art, I would often sit on the window seat near the grand (to me) stairway to read or just sit and think. It was a magical place for me.

As I got older, I visited art museums wherever I was living or when I traveled and always liked spending time in them. Four years ago, I decided to work on an art degree at IPFW and when the opportunity arrived to apply for an internship at the FWMoA (now in a much bigger building!) in my second year, I jumped at it and got accepted. I spent a semester working in the various departments and loved it so much that I continued to volunteer in the museum library until I moved to Muncie last year.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, where Lussier interned.

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, where Lussier interned.

AW: Do you have a favorite gallery or work of art in the museum?

CL: Wow, that’s a tough one. There are so many works I am drawn to.

Pictured is Lussier next to one of her favorite works of art at DOMA, Right Bird Left by Lee Krasner.

Pictured is Lussier next to one of her favorite works of art at DOMA, Right Bird Left by Lee Krasner.

AW: Do you have a favorite memory of a particular experience at the museum?

CL: I love doing the research and preparation for a tour and then seeing the lights go on in a visitor’s eyes when they make a connection with the work of art we are viewing.

Stay tuned to see which DOMA staff member is spotlighted next.