Each year, the Department of Media celebrates students during their annual Media Award banquet.


Scholarship Recipients

Thanks to the generosity of our alumni, faculty, and friends, our departments are able to offer scholarships to help their own students pay for their educations. For more information on the scholarships we offer, click the link here.

  • 2022 Steve Bell Memorial Scholarship for Ethics in News – MacKenzie Rupp
  • 2022 Chad Muller Scholarship Award – Hope Stauffer ’23

“My experience at Ball State has made me a better creator of film, design, and animation. My professors and supervisors have taught me to get out of my comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens. I’ve tried new things and failed (many times) but have also grown because of it all.” – Hope Stauffer ’23

  • 2022 Dr. Joe Scholarship – Andrew Willett ’23

    Andrew Willett with Sports Link.

  • 2022 Jim and Linda Needham Scholarship – Andrew Willett ’23

“I’m just so grateful and fortunate to be at Ball State in Sports Link for all of these wonderful experiences to get me to where I am today.” -Andrew Willett ’23

  • 2022 Bill Bryant Sports Production Scholarship – Nick Lawler ’24
  • 2022 Morry Mannies Sportscasting Scholarship – Nathan Ganger ’23
  • 2022 Allison Wilson Scholarship – Lexi Eblen ’23
  • 2022 Sports Link Legacy Scholarship – Peyton Monnell ’22

Payton Monnell in action.

“Sports Link has been amazing. It really has developed who I want to be and what I want to do with my career. I’m honored to carry on the legacy scholarship of Ball State Sports Link.” – Peyton Monnell ’22

  • 2022 Media Faculty Scholarship – Sara Deboer ’23

“This past year I was selected for a video production internship in Dublin, Ireland for the 2022 summer!” – Sara Deboer ’23

  • 2022 Jennifer Hinderliter Scholarship – Janese English
  • 2022 Dave and Lucy Smith Scholarship –Hadassah Harris ’23
  • 2022 Scott Swim Scholarship – Claire Witte ’24
  • 2022 Letterman Scholarship 1st Place – Zoe Mantha
  • 2022 Letterman Scholarship 2nd Place – Yuang Zhou ’22
  • 2022 Letterman Scholarship 3rd Place – Kieran Simmer ’23


Member of the Year Recipients

  • 2022 NABJ Member of the Year – Kwesi Rogers ’22
  • 2022 WCRD Member of the Year – Logan Browning ’24

“I feel extremely honored and still shocked to be able to do my show on WCRD, let alone win anything for it. It started off just as a distraction for myself from some things in my life, and it quickly turned into my favorite thing to focus on. Thank you WCRD, Thank you Ball State, and Thank you everyone!” – Logan Browning ’24

“NAHJ is a special organization that promotes inclusivity and supports its community, I am honored to be awarded as The National Association of Hispanic Journalists Member of the Year!” – Dahlia Aliwa ’24

“This year has brought many challenges and rewards. Working with my very talented peers in NewsLink Indiana has helped me become a better leader and journalist. I look forward to continuing to lead others and helping inform Delaware County through our nightly newscasts.” – Logan Salzbrenner ’23

“I’m very thankful for the success that I have achieved throughout my college career, and I can’t wait to start a new chapter post-gradation!” – Kayla Campbell ’22

  • 2022 BSU Tonight Member of the Year – Tyler Veit ’25

“Coming into college I had felt like I knew what I wanted to do but not how. So I sat there and was thinking and the only word that popped into my head as yes. So that’s why I told myself, any opportunity any event any question the answer was going to be yes. This “yes” mentality has led me to meet so many new and amazing people and lead to great experiences! But one of the best has been working with BSU tonight and seeing how much the people in the club and the club itself has grown has been such a heartwarming experience. I still have so much to learn and I’m blessed to have them with me every step of the way!” – Tyler Veit ’25

“A huge thank you to all the CFW crew members this year, you guys’ rock! It’s been a lot of fun and can’t wait for next year!” – Jasmin Khalil ’23