Meet Faith Denig – a third-year student majoring in digital sports production

Faith is a student who takes on every opportunity she gets. Her name says it all, she has faith in herself, her peers, and her passion for storytelling to create a unique and successful story. From working at Sports Link to the NCAA, she always finds ways to excel in her growth. Her absolute love for sports broadcasting radiates the most positive energy; an energy that continues to influence those around her and make Faith the leader she is today.

We interviewed Faith to explore her journey, hear about her ambitious goals, and reveal her leadership roles at Ball State University.

 * * *

Describe your journey prior to coming to Ball State University?

I grew up an athlete determined to play college sports. However, that all changed when I first stepped into a control room my sophomore year of high school. There I found my love for sports broadcasting. By junior year, I was directing high school games. Ball State’s Sports Link then came to my High School and spoke about their production. I decided to go on a visit and fell in love with the campus and the program. I knew this was where I wanted to attend college.


Faith working at Bankers Life Field house for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Photo: Faith Denig.

What sparked your interest in digital sports production at Ball State?

I am a believer that you will only obtain as much as you give. If you want to succeed, you have to be willing to put in the time and the effort. The great thing about Ball State is that they will match your effort with opportunities. From day one there are opportunities for everyone. I was able to get ahead from the start as Sports Link gave me leadership roles as a freshman. I learned early in my career there that the staff will match your energy. That fueled my passion and desire to want to do great things with every chance I got.


How have these leadership roles shaped your personal growth?

Ball State has allowed me multiple opportunities to lead my peers in many productions, and be a positive role model. These opportunities have inspired me to  impact people with my work. The knowledge I gained through my time at Ball State, from my peers and professors, has driven my desire to be the person that encourages other students to be the best they can be, in and out of sports production.


Faith filming during the Ball State Football intro video shoot.

Faith filming during the Ball State Football intro video shoot. Photo: Ty Nibs

What has been your favorite experience at Sports Link?

My best memories are centered around my peers and mentors. Since freshman year, I’ve worked on many creative shoots, feature stories, ESPN Productions, and have traveled to multiple national championships. Yet, the thing I love the most about all of it is the memories that I will cherish forever with the people I met along the way.


What are your plans for after college?

All I can say about my plans after college is, stay tuned. I feel that I’ve used my time here to become a well-rounded individual in many aspects of life. In work, I’ve contributed to over 70 live productions, worked for the NCAA, traveled to National championships, freelanced many events, and even obtained my Part 107 Drone License. Outside of work, I was able to grow intellectually, spiritually, and mentally into the person I am proud to be today. There’s a lot of different avenues I can embark on after college and I have no doubt I will exceed on the path I choose.

Standford players after winning the Volleyball National Championship. Photo: Faith Denig.

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