MUNCIE, Ind.– The McKinley Avenue Agency is proud to announce that seven of our staff members have received prestigious internships following the 2021 Spring semester.


Ted Irwin Headshot Ted Irwin, Executive Director of Public Relations, accepted an internship with Vox Global as a Public Affairs Intern.

“I feel highly honored to be offered the Public Affairs internship with VOX Global. Between classes and immersive learning projects, my love for a sustainable world has flourished throughout my time here at Ball State. VOX Global was a perfect fit for this love as their expertise falls in corporate responsibility, education, diversity, and inclusion. It’s a dream come true to work for an agency that shares many of the same values that I do when it comes to the future of the world that we live in. I owe a huge thank you to the McKinley Avenue Agency. My time here has given me skills in project management, client relations, team leadership, and more that help me secure this internship. One piece of advice I have for any public relations or strategic communications students here at Ball State, join McKinley Avenue. You will gain many excellent skills and portfolio pieces that will put you on top when you leave the nest,” says Irwin on his new internship at his time at McKinley Avenue.


Jericho Barr Redmond HeadshotJericho Barr-Redmond, Public Relations Associate, accepted a summer Public Relations Internship with Dittoe Public Relations Agency in Indianapolis.

“I’m very excited and thankful to have the opportunity to work in such a fast-paced and supportive environment at Dittoe this summer. Working at McKinley Ave this semester has especially prepared me to enter the professional arena and to put my PR skills to the test” says Barr-Redmond over the exciting opportunity.


Kayla Smith HeadshotKayla Smith, Multimedia Associate, accepted a spot in the HAROLD Internship program at BCW Global for the 2021 summer. She has been working towards this opportunity the whole Spring semester.

“I have been pursuing this internship with BCW Global since January, honestly December (I officially sent my application in January). Throughout these past few months, I’ve had multiple informational interviews with recruiters, been researching the company, and even receiving application and interview tips from multiple resources. I was so excited to receive the offer letter because it was like all my hard work finally brought me the ‘yes’ I was looking for,” says Smith.


Jake Hreha HeadshotExecutive Director of Advertising, Jake Hreha, accepted a UX Design Internship with Reusser Design in Roanoke,

“I’m looking forward to a great summer at Reusser Design where I will be gaining hands on experience in the areas of user experience, user interface, web and mobile app design,” says Hreha about his internship opportunity.

“McKinley Avenue has helped me a lot with figuring out what I want to do with my life. Through my time here, I’ve been able to try different things and experiment with different job roles,” says Wiegand about her experience at The McKinley Avenue Agency.


Elena Leddy HeadshotElena Leddy, Assistant Director of Creative Services, accepted an EAP Web Content Editor Internship at NASA.

“Having hands-on agency experience has been instrumental in my growth as a designer and a student leader. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had at the McKinley Avenue Agency, and I look forward to applying these skills in my web design internship with NASA,” says Leddy on the exciting opportunity.


Eli Lucas HeadshotEli Lucas, Public Relations Associate, received a spot as a GEICO Intern in their Summer Business Leadership Team in Indianapolis, IN.

“I’m excited for an opportunity with GEICO Indianapolis as one of their Summer Business Leadership interns! I can’t wait to participate as an intern who will forward the mission of GEICO and help build a better workplace. To any student looking for an experience to aid their career journey, I would recommend getting involved in the McKinley Avenue Agency. You get to work on meaningful things to add to your portfolio while interacting with real clients to solve real-world problems. The Agency helped me develop the soft skills employers want, like problem-solving and teamwork, to prepare me for awesome opportunities like this,” says Lucas.


Mason Schafer HeadshotMason Schafer, Multimedia Associate, accepted a Digital Design Internship at Oracle for the 2021 summer.

“I’m super excited to start my work as a digital design intern at Oracle! I’ve worked so hard to get to where I am today and working at McAve it opened the door to where I need to get to today.”


Matthew Borders, Multimedia Associate, accepted a Video Production Intern at United States Auto Club this summer.

“The skills that I picked up producing promotional pieces at McKinley Avenue Agency proved to a great help in earning me this internship. Now, every week, I will be traveling to various races and locations and making more portfolio pieces and promotional items for the company,” said Borders.


The McKinley Avenue Agency is a full-service, student-run strategic communications and media sales agency in Muncie, Indiana. As part of the Unified Media Alliance at Ball State University, our agency strives to empower local businesses and garner professional expertise. Through a variety of creative and strategic tactics, we can provide our clients with innovative, original solutions. While achieving these goals, our students at the agency hold positions that enhance their professional skills in their field of study.