Already having a background in business, Lindsay Peelman was looking for a way to branch her career into the education sector and knew she needed a master’s degree to do so. However, living in a more remote area of California proved difficult to find nearby accredited and focused in-person programs. If she was going to get the education she needed to achieve her career ambitions, she needed to look online. 

Lindsay Peelman

Lindsay did her research. She looked into MBA programs and was accepted into quite a few, but when it came down to the final decision, it was clear that Ball State’s online master’s in business education was the winning choice.

“I was able to tailor it to weigh heavier on education courses and round out my knowledge while closing any gaps that existed,” says Lindsay. “I sat next to another student from the same program at graduation … and we both remarked how amazing it was to come out of the same program feeling confident and prepared for two very different career paths.”

Additionally, the University’s accreditation was another important factor in her decision. Because of this, Lindsay is able to teach in California in both the education and business departments with her degree.

Along with her tailored education, she gained confidence and sharpened skills that she can readily apply to her career as a business and cooperative education instructor and coordinator at Monterey Peninsula College. 

“I feel like as an instructor, I learned how to step back and facilitate instead of lecture,” says Lindsay. “I always left with the understanding of how pivotal a good instructor can be for a student. I carry that with me to every class I teach at the college I work at.”

Lindsay Peelman and Dr. Allen Truell celebrate Lindsay’s graduation from Ball State University

But what may have exceeded her expectations even more was the support and mentorship of Dr. Allen Truell.

Dr. Truell, acknowledged by many students for his support and investment in their futures, continued working with Lindsay even after graduation and recommended her for doctoral study. He gave insights on his experience, input on programs she was considering, and encouragement to fly. 

Through it all, Lindsay found that her educational journey would continue on at New York University where she was accepted into an EdD in Leadership and Innovation at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.