Ty Johnson’s desire for leadership opportunities at her elementary school in Michigan City (Ind.) motivated her to pursue an online master’s degree in educational administration and supervision with Ball State University. Throughout her career as an educator, she has been diligent in prioritizing children’s interests, while also being interested in leadership. She wanted an educational experience that would allow her to directly apply the knowledge gained from her program in the workplace.

Q: Why did you choose to pursue a degree online?

A: When I discovered that Ball State had an online degree program that combined my two interests, education and leadership, along with the opportunity to pursue my passion for leading a public school organization, it was the motivation needed for me to pursue my degree online.

Q: How do you balance online classes and your personal and professional life?

A: Life balance is no easy task. I have found that setting goals, then working towards those goals consistently and systematically has resulted in my success in those highly demanding, yet important areas of my life such as staying connected to family, performing well at work, and advancing my career through online classes.

Q: How has the program benefited you in your workplace?

A: Studying educational leadership covers a multitude of areas concerning education, leadership, and how schools are run on a daily basis in our current society. It gives you a broader perspective that allows you to truly understand why some of those top-down decisions are made. Gaining this new perspective had an immediate impact on my ability to relate and have a deeper understanding of my administrative team’s duties, responsibilities, and decisions. It also led me to pursue and obtain a leadership role as a BLT (Building Leadership Team) member within my school. I was confident that I could contribute in a meaningful way.
Q: What would you say to other educators considering this program?

A: For educators who are truly serious about gaining the skills they need to assume a school leadership position I highly recommend it!

The curriculum for the educational administration program is rigorous and challenging and has all of the components necessary to help you develop into a strong leader.

Another program benefit is that it serves as a catalyst to connect and build relationships through a huge network of professional educators. So, while you may technically access your classes from the comfort of your home, that in no way negates the value of this program!