Typically, a bachelor of general studies degree sets students on a wide road toward a number of career destinations.

But the path of Sophia Benedict provides a good example of how Ball State’s bachelor of general studies (BGS) can provide students with specific skill sets in a specific field. Benedict enrolled in the BGS program, which is offered 100 percent online, and chose to customize her program with minors in digital media and business information technology.

“I wanted to dive deeper into the digital world,” says Benedict, who brought marketing experience to her degree.

Her story is also one of an adventurous soul on a literal journey with destinies unknown. Benedict and family are hitting the road this summer for a year-long travel adventure that will take them to the American Northwest and parts beyond. Benedict, a self-described entrepreneur, will continue her virtual work of consulting other entrepreneurs who want to grow their online communities. She will also teach a digital course that she calls, “48-Hour Digital Storyteller.”

Q: In general, what were your major takeaways from the BGS program?

I learned a lot about elements of design, digital storytelling, and how to conduct research.

Q: You said you chose Ball State’s BGS program, in part, because of the digital media courses?

Digital media excites me. I wanted to dive deeper into the digital world. Business information technology seemed to complement the digital media minor. I have a well-rounded background in marketing.

Q: Did your professors provide you with any projects that were particularly interesting?

The digital media instructors were especially helpful. For example, one journalism professor required the class to turn in “learning documents.” Rather than summarizing information, we were required to explain how this information benefited us, how we can apply it to our field, and then to find counter arguments for it. It really made me think deeper about the knowledge he presented.

A couple faculty set up Google Hangouts where they and a few students would video conference our studies and progress. Both took the time to give constructive criticism on all of our written work and allowed us to revise as part of the learning process.

Q: You have launched an online business that teaches your clients how to make an impact through social media.

Yes. Ball State’s program taught me the principles of design, how to incorporate design to help tell stories. So I teach my clients how to share stories that make an impact. I teach them how to follow the framework of the “hero’s journey” by breaking their life into small, digestible stories to spread on social media.