In November, the Office of Community Engagement welcomed Lucinda Stipp to the team!

Lucinda is the new Coordinator for the Training, Resource and Advocacy Connector (TRAC).

Lucinda Stipp 

The East Central Indiana Region was awarded $15 million in funds from the State of Indiana’s Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative (READI) program in 2021. In late 2022, it was determined that $1.5 million would be earmarked for
the Birth to Five work of the East Central Indiana Talent Collaborative (ECITC). The Regional Birth to Five Coalition has developed a Regional Training, Resource and Advocacy Connector (TRAC) to support local providers in the ECITC’s nine-county region in East Central Indiana.

TRAC now houses two full-time employees to focus on the work: a Program Manager (Jeri McCorkle) and a Coordinator (Lucinda). In
addition, each county will have its own coordinator to help local providers identify needs and resources.

Lucinda is a Ball State University graduate deeply rooted in the Muncie-Delaware County area. Lucinda‘s passions extend beyond academics, as she finds joy in hiking, capturing nature’s beauty through photography, and cultivating vibrant gardens. In her leisure time, Lucinda enjoys sharing these experiences with her partner Ron, creating cherished moments together.

Through education, outdoor exploration, and a commitment to community, Lucinda says she weaves a unique tapestry reflective of her love for the region she calls home.