Ball State University’s Office of Inclusive Excellence is offering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging (DEIAB) sessions at the E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center beginning in February.

All classes are free and open to the public (age 18 and older). Reservations are required.

Brandon Million, assistant director in the Office of Inclusive Excellence, has been offering these classes for four years on the university campus for students, faculty and staff. This is the first time the classes will be offered at the off-campus center.

“Part of the framework of inclusive excellence is community engagement,” he said. “It is a fundamental part of the work that we do. We want to help our community members who are interested in expanding their diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging knowledge (DEIAB), without limiting it to the Ball State campus. The vast majority of the Ball State community lives here in Muncie, and it is important to give back to our community.”

Classes will offer overviews of DEIAB and LGBTQ+, as well as explore microaggressions, diversifying boards and diverse workplaces.

“These classes were chosen as being foundationally important for people who want to expand their knowledge of DEIAB,” he said. “In particular, some of these classes are extremely helpful for those that work in non-profits or serving underserved populations.”

Million, who has more than a decade of experience leading diversity presentations and discussions, said these sessions “are a place [for people] to learn and educate themselves.”

“They are geared towards people who are at any point in the DEIAB journey,” he added. “We are doing these classes to help no matter what the participant’s base knowledge.”

Million said he hopes by attending the classes, “people will recognize that they can influence DEIAB, no matter where they are at in their life journey. There is such a breadth and depth of issues related to DEIAB that sometimes gets lost in discussions of DEIAB.”

To register or for more information, please go to:

What: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging (DEIAB) Sessions for the Community
Where: E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center, 400 W. Minnetrista Blvd., Muncie
Cost: Free
For Date and Time Info/Registration:


  • Introduction to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging
  • Diversifying Boards
  • Microaggressions
  • Diverse Employees
  • LGBTQ+ 101