Kathy Spangler is a 3rd year Doctor of Arts student with a primary emphasis in music education. She currently serves as the director of bands, assistant professor of music, and chair of the Department of Performing Arts at Marian University.

“I have been teaching music for 23 years, 19 of those in public schools in Indiana and 4 now in higher education at Marian University. I chose Ball State University for music education because of the innovation of the DA program and its focus on pedagogy. I knew at Ball State I would be able to focus on expanding my skills related to teaching as well as increasing my understanding of the learning process and research. Ball State also boasts high quality music education faculty who are very involved in moving our field forward.

“My fondest memory of Ball State is of the new friends and colleagues I have met. I have been able to make new lifelong friends that I will always cherish and appreciate. I also will forever be thankful for the students in my cohort and the support we have provided for each other as well as the faculty who encouraged and helped me in publishing my first article.”

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