The LGBTQ+ Theatre for Youth Project grew from the basic question: “where are queer youth plays?” As more and more playwrights write for youth audiences and as more explore the intersections of gender identity, sexuality, youth, race, ability, etc., there is a need to catalog and centralize the variety of career youth theatre.  

The Ball State University Libraries’ Office of Digital Scholarship in collaboration with Dr. Andy Waldron in the Department of Theatre created a digital scholarship project entitled LGBTQ+ Theatre for Youth Project to make access to these important collections of theatre more accessible. The project, clickable above, includes access to plays and important diversity and equity resources for the community.   

The Office of Digitial Scholarship at University Libraries (ODS) advances the creation, dissemination, and preservation of Open Access research and digital scholarship created at Ball State University. To explore other digital scholarship projects hosted and developed by ODS, visit  

The ODS staff Jordan Bratt, Digital Scholarship Strategist, and Lilunnaher, Digital Scholarship Graduate Assistant were principles in the libraries who worked extensively to bring this project online.  Dr. Andy Waldron, Assistant Professor of Theatre Education here at Ball State University, served as lead researcher and project coordinator and approached the libraries with the idea for this digital project.