University Libraries is pleased to announce the purchase and implementation of a new linking technology, LibKey. LibKey works with University Libraries journal subscription data to provide quick, one-click access to full-text journal articles through OneSearch, academic databases, and even Google Scholar.

All Ball State students, faculty and staff can download and install the LibKey Nomad browser extension to their browser of choice. LibKey Nomad, whether on or off campus, provides one-click access to full-text journal articles the Libraries subscribes to wherever they are available. LibKey Nomad is easy to install and works across all websites including Google Scholar, Google Search, journal publisher platforms and Wikipedia. Just download the plugin, conduct your research, and look for the Nomad buttons on the website to easily access the libraries’ content.  “Download PDF” or “Provided by Ball State University” buttons appear when full-text content is available.


Digital button below article citation that shows the LibKey Nomad logo with the text "Download PDF"

Example 1 of LibKey button

Digital button featuring the LibKey logo with the text "Download PDF Ball State University"

Example 2 of LibKey button

Digital button with the LibKey Nomad logo that reads "Provided by Ball State University"

Example 3 of LibKey button