The University Libraries recently installed wireless screen sharing technology in 16 group study and meeting rooms in Bracken Library.  This technology permits a laptop or a MacBook to share screen content on the large display without video cables.  Instructions for how to connect to the display are posted in the rooms where these devices are available.  

After evaluating the Libraries identified AirTame 2 devices to leverage wireless screen sharing.  The AirTame 2 is connected to the HDMI 1 input on the large display in each space.  Using the presentation device students and faculty can share presentations, documents, images and website content on the large screen.  Groups can change the flat panel to display content from one laptop to another easily.  

HDMI or VGA cables and other adapters are no longer required to present content on the large display.  This is an incredibly convenient method for sharing PowerPoint and documents for group work.  

This wireless presentation technology was made possible with support from an LSTA Technology Sub-Grant from the Indiana State Library.  Library Data and Discovery Solutions personnel submitted the grant application in the Spring of 2021.  The grant was awarded in June 2021 in the amount of $8,000.