One of the more frequent requests the Libraries receive from students is for more access to power for personal devices.  Students come to campus with smartphones, computers, ear pods, and other devices that run on battery power and require electricity to charge.

Over the years, many electrical outlets throughout Bracken Library have been raised to tabletop level to address the need to charge personal devices.  And surge suppressors have been placed on computer tables in many locations so they are within easy access to workstations. These power strips are functional but unattractive and they sometimes disappear.  And requests for more power access continue to come in.

During the spring and summer of 2021, the University Libraries consulted with Facilities personnel to work on this problem.  The first thought was to replace entire tables with a newer style that had electrical and USB connections built in.  However, the cost to do this would mean that only 6-8 tables could be updated.

Facilities came back with a recommendation for a unit that connects to the edge of the workstation table.  The unit includes 3 power outlets and 2 USB ports.  And the Libraries were able to purchase enough units to outfit 18 workstation tables.

The Libraries provide spaces, collections and access to online resources and software that support students from all departments.  Providing students with a convenient, safe option for access to power for personal devices during long study and work sessions supports their academic objectives.