As we expand our offerings to the Ball State community it can be challenging to find them all. In this post we will, on a regular basis, update those links. Please feel free to bookmark this page and refer back to it as needed. IRDS uses Tableau and we have other official lines of communication. Data Cookbook has not been formally rolled out though it is in use semi-formally as we document the definitions and specifications of certain things.

Officially Supported:

Not Officially Rolled Out

No Longer Supported


Within Tableau there are the Core dashboards which have the student lifecycle. Those dashboards are available to anyone granted access to Tableau. We have developed several Ball State dashboards that include DFW dashboards; Sankey flows that show movements of students through schools as they progress at Ball State; and “as of day”/“what if” dashboards to see real time year over year comparisons each day for retention and enrollment data.

We are finalizing development of a suite of reports called Academic Performance Management that will cover a range of data related to academic workload and efficiency. We are also currently working on implementing Workforce Insights to show trend analysis and other information related to faculty and staff counts as well as turnover by department.