It’s that dreaded time of the year: scheduling for classes. With time tickets opening starting October 30th, we sat down with Honors Advisor Sarah Haley to talk through some Frequently Asked Questions about advising and spring scheduling that students may need a quick reference for. Whether you are a first-year or graduating student, this FAQ is a great guide for any questions you may have about scheduling!

Q: What should students do to plan what classes to take next semester?

Sarah: If you’re not sure what classes to take next semester, your plan is the best place to start. If you want to move things in your plan around, be careful. You want to make sure you’re not breaking any prerequisite chains or attempting to move a spring-only course to a fall semester. When in doubt, check with your advisor before moving classes around in your plan. Scheduling classes can be intimidating, but know your advisors are here to help!

With Honors classes, oftentimes you have a choice for the section of the class you take. And, with the choice of the section, it also means you get to choose the topic of your honors class. For example, not every Honors Science focuses on the same subject: some look at genetics while others study climate change or dinosaurs. To check out what Honors classes are being offered for next semester, check out Spring 2024 Honors College Course Descriptions or you can find it in our Linktree in the bio of any of our social media pages.

Q: What happens when students can’t get into a class that they want?

Sarah: If you can’t get into a class you want, you might be able to join the waitlist to get into a course. Remember, joining a waitlist is never automatic, and it’s not an option for every course. If you think you have joined a waitlist, check your schedule to see if that class appears and is noted as being a waitlisted course.  And if you do join a waitlist, be sure to check your email regularly. Once the system notifies you about an open seat, you only have 24 hours to act on it.

If you can’t or don’t want to join a waitlist, you can look at your plan to determine how you might be able to adjust your schedule to allow you to take this course in a future term instead. Your Honors advisors have drop-in hours all week (October 30-November 3).  We’re here to help with spring scheduling and all of your other scheduling/advising needs!

Q: What should students know before they schedule? (CRNs, class times, days, professors, etc.) 

Sarah: Check out your plan for a list of classes to the schedule, then use the Self-Service Banner to look up classes. We recommend sketching out a week-at-a-glance with your desired classes. Record some basic information like the CRNs, course number, days, and times, so if you need to make a last-minute adjustment while scheduling, you’ve got the details of what to work around. We recommend being sure to read the full listing of at least the sections of each class you pick, so you’ll know if it’s an online section, a part of a term course, or if special permission is required.  Instructors and locations may not be assigned when you initially register, so you might have to check back if those factors would impact your decision to stay in that section.

To find available classes for next semester, visit your Self-Service Banner, select “Students,” and then select “Registration, Schedule and Planning.” From there, you can “Browse Available Classes” or “Register for Classes.” 

Q: What kinds of appointments do Honors Advisors offer to help prepare for scheduling?

Sarah: At this point, we have drop-in availability from October 30 – November 3 (8:30-11:45 and 1:00-4:15 each day). We won’t take appointments during this week, but you can schedule an advising appointment before or after that week to talk about scheduling classes. Spring scheduling can seem like a challenge, but it’s a lot easier if you walk through it with an advisor first.


Q: If I’m in a class/work when my time slot opens, what do I do?

Sarah: You should still go to class! You should register as soon as you can, but there’s no reason to miss class or work. Sometimes you might be able to log in quickly and submit your requests, and then you can address any issues later.

Q: How do I know when to schedule with my regular Advisor vs. with my Honors Advisor?

Sarah: Questions about your major or graduate school can go to your upper-division advisor. General questions, Honors issues, or questions about how major/minor/core/Honors work together can go to your Honors advisor. If you’re unsure, you can ask any advisor. We might have to refer you to someone else, but it’s always okay to ask.


Q: Can I go out of order from my plans? What do I do in a later semester if I do go out of order this semester?

Sarah: It might be possible to change the order of classes in your plan. Honors courses and most core classes can be taken in any order. If you do plan to move something, it’s always best practice to check the courses planned for future terms to make sure you aren’t breaking a chain of prerequisites. Moving a major class to an earlier term in your plan is generally safer than delaying, but you should always consider checking with an advisor before changing things up.


If you still have questions you haven’t found in the FAQ above, that is totally okay! It is not too late to schedule an appointment with your Honors Advisor, which will be either Sarah Haley or Amanda Ballenger. To schedule an appointment, please visit Ball State’s Navigate app, click “Appointments,” then “Schedule an Appointment,” followed by “Honors College” under the Type of Appointment. For the Service dropdown, you will select “Schedule/Registration.” With Navigate you can easily schedule with your advisor at a time that works for both of you. If you have any questions, please email us at with your Student ID number and question. It’s time to start spring scheduling!