By Grace Goze

Grace Goze is a junior Creative Writing student who loves stand-up and sketch comedy. Here are some of her personal recommendations of funny content to consume while you spend a bit more time at home during these times.


The Top Part, John Mulaney (Available on Spotify) 

John Mulaney has certainly made a name for himself as of recent. Whether you’re a comedy nerd or not, it’s likely you’ve encountered one of his stand-up specials. Perhaps you’ve seen all of Mulaney’s Netflix content, and you’re craving more. In that case, I’m recommending The Top Part, John Mulaney’s first comedy album released in 2009. It features him early in his career making jokes about everything from Law and Order to stories from the Bible. In my opinion, this album features John Mulaney’s best joke to date “The Salt and Pepper Diner.” 

Lobby Baby, Seth Meyers (Available on Netflix)

You may recognize Seth Meyers from his time on Saturday Night Live as head writer and anchor of Weekend Update, or his nightly NBC show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. In his first Netflix special, Meyers shares a myriad of anecdotes, including the time his wife gave birth in their apartment lobby, hence the name Lobby Baby. His role as a late night host and past SNL cast member gives him a rich history of funny stories to tell. 

Good One, Tig Notaro (Available on Spotify)

While Tig Notaro has other filmed specials on Netflix and Comedy Central, Good One showcases some of her best work. Tig is known for her deadpan delivery, telling jokes in the form of stories from her personal life. The star joke from this album is Tig’s infamous Taylor Dayne story. Tig is a master of comedic timing, leaving the listener in suspense and creating an amusing level of disbelief.


The New One, Mike Birbigila (Available on Netflix)

In his one-man show, Mike Birbigila brings his latest set to Broadway. The show centers around Birbiglia’s journey into parenthood. In a more narrative joke telling format, Birbiglia recounts how he went from not wanting children to having his own little baby girl with his wife. Despite the audience, Birbiglia’s performance is intimate and the funny coincidences of his life keep you watching. You may not be interested in having kids anytime soon, but there are still plenty of jokes to make you chuckle. 

Oh, Hello on Broadway, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney (Available on Netflix) 

The characters George St. Geegland and Gil Fizon were popularized on Nick Kroll’s Comedy Central program, The Kroll Show. George (John Mulaney) and Gil (Nick Kroll) are two eccentric elderly men with comically misinformed opinions. This Broadway performance serves as a memoir of sorts for Kroll and Mulaney’s characters. The show is undoubtedly scripted, but it has an improvised feel. Given Kroll and Mulaney’s chemistry, it is amusing to watch the two riff off one another in character.

Sweet & Salty, Fortune Feimster (Available on Netflix) 

Previously featured on Netflix’s The Standups, this is Fortune Feimster’s premier full-length special on the platform. Southern born and raised, Feimster’s set jokes about the contrast between her debutante upbringing and tomboy tendencies. She riffs on her childhood experiences and sexual awakening. She brings out the humor in being a growing girl, who hasn’t yet figured out her sexual identity. Feimster has a personality made for the stage, making her stories so captivating it’s impossible not to crack a smile.

Portlandia, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstien (Available on Netflix)

In a sketch show based on the unique culture of Portland, Oregon, Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live and musician Carrie Brownstien transform themselves to play a myriad of different characters. Don’t worry about if you’ve never been to Portland; the sketches in the show are accessible to anyone. The show originally aired on IFC and has eight binge-worthy seasons. Portlandia is a perfect example of absurd humor with memorable characters and quick bits. I feel as strongly about this show as some people do The Office, so I honestly can’t recommend it more. 


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