The 2022-2023 recipient for the Excellence in Graduate Recruiting award is Dr. Dorice Hankemeier. Dr. Hankemeier is an Associate Professor of Athletic Training and the Graduate Athletic Training Program Director.  

Here is our Q and A with Dr. Hankemeier: 

What is your recruiting philosophy?  

Our philosophy in recruiting revolves around creating connections with incoming students. Our program is a small cohort-based program, so we want students to get a feel for our program during the recruiting process. We believe timely communication is important for the student to make the right choice for them. We offer prospective students the opportunity to speak with current students, visit the campus, sit in on classes, or do whatever they need to help them make a decision. Some students apply to our program and know they want to come to Ball State while others are truly exploring what we have to offer. We aim to be responsive to each prospective student and meet them where they are in the decision-making process.  

What strategies do you employ in your work in recruiting?

Portrait of Dorice Hankemeier

Dr. Dorice Hankemeier

We have had several successful recruiting strategies over the past couple of years.  First, we have worked closely with the undergraduate Exercise Science major to create a pre-Athletic Training track and an Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) that would set those students up for success in our program. I present every semester to undergraduate exercise science students and start building those connections when they are first starting at Ball State. Secondly, our program hosts six virtual information sessions throughout the year where we can tell prospective students about everything the Ball State Athletic Training program has to offer. Finally, we reach out to all exercise science and kinesiology program directors and advisors in the surrounding states and Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) states. This helps us expand our program’s reach across the Midwest.  

What is your proudest achievement in recruiting for your graduate program?  

This past year we had the largest number of applications to our program. As a new graduate program, it is exciting to see the growth and that the reputation of the Ball State Athletic Training program getting out there.   

Who has helped you along the way as you have developed your skills in this area?  

Kates Brommeland, Director of Graduate Admissions, has been instrumental in supporting our program and helping us streamline our recruitment efforts.  She is always encouraging and helps us think of new ways to recruit and reach out to students. Our program is also supported by Administrative Coordinator, Jamie Moynihan, who helps in communicating with prospective students.   

Anything else you would like us to know? 

Even though I was awarded this award for our program, recruiting is a team approach that takes buy-in from multiple people. Athletic training program faculty Dr. Stacy Walker and Dr. Zach Dougal are vital to our recruiting success in Athletic Training.