We are highlighting all of the great work that our graduate assistants perform around our campus by featuring the nominees for the 2022 Graduate Assistant of the Year Award.  This award is coordinated by the Career Center, which works with the Graduate School to pick the winner of the award.  We were so impressed by all the nominees that we are going to feature them on our blog.  Congratulations to all the nominees!

Will Hippe, nominee for Ball State’s 2022 Graduate Assistant of the Year Award

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Will worked as a GA to support the Department of Finance and Insurance in the Miller College of Business.  Will supported Professors Meng, Kemper, and Liu on tasks related to research and teaching.  Will was nominated by Dr. Chang (Anna) Liu, who wrote,  “Will has made exceptional progress through his past 4.5 years at Ball State. Besides maintaining a GPA of 3.96/4.00, Will is also a division 1 Student-Athlete. He is a 4-time Member of the Academic All-Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association and was a Treasurer for the Ball State University Student-Athlete Advisory Council. In addition, Will completed internships at three financial firms, B & B Financial Planning, Commerce Trust, and Commerce Bank. The internships show that Will is always eager to learn new skills and is capable of generating innovative ideas in the field of asset management. All these experiences require him to balance his commitments to his classes, work, and other duties. I believe this makes the work he delivered as my Graduate Assistant even more commendable.  Will is concerned about the rights and opportunities of individuals with disabilities and has a strong desire to help others in need. For the past ten years, starting when he was a middle school student, he has been working as a volunteer at the Missouri Disabled Water Ski Association. I commend him on his efforts to ensure that individuals with disabilities feel welcomed into an inclusive environment.”

Q and A with Will

What was the most valuable part of your assistantship experience?

The most valuable part of my assistantship experience would be the relationships that I have created with both the professors and students. Graduate assistants act as intermediaries between professors and students which creates an opportunity to assist both parties. Having graduated from Ball State’s Business College myself last May, I have the unique opportunity to give back to the professors and students within the business school.

How do you think your GA assignment has helped you to grow as a professional and a student?

Experience is crucial as a budding business professional, and my time as a graduate assistant has given me another great experience that I can take with me as I enter the business world. My time as a graduate assistant has also allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of business concepts while being on the other side and offering assistance to students.