We are highlighting all of the great work that our graduate assistants perform around our campus by featuring the nominees for the 2022 Graduate Assistant of the Year Award.  This award is coordinated by the Career Center, which works with the Graduate School to pick the winner of the award.  We were so impressed by all the nominees that we are going to feature them on our blog.  Congratulations to all the nominees!

Clare Feldpausch, nominee for Ball State’s 2022 Graduate Assistant of the Year Award

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Clare worked as a GA to support the Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences in the College of Health. Clare collaborated with five different faculty members, assisting with course work, grading, research, class attendance, management of food purchases, recipe development and planning, and food production for a grant-funded exercise and nutrition research.  Clare also managed student volunteers in the process of cooking and creating food samples for research participants.  Clare was nominated by Dr. Alyce Fly, who wrote, “Clare took her graduate training to a new level by immersion and collaboration with faculty in duties and projects that spanned all areas of health education and promotion. She worked extremely well with all the faculty and students in both leadership and subordinate roles. Clare was always a consummate professional and reflected the values of Ball State in all of her endeavors.”

Q and A with Clare

What was the most valuable part of your assistantship experience?

The most valuable part of my assistantship has been the wide range of opportunities that have been presented to me. Through my work as a graduate assistant, I have delivered college-level lectures to multiple classes of undergraduate students, interacted with the community through community-based research programs, and established connections with many faculty members. These experiences have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and have increased my competence in many areas.

 How do you think your GA assignment has helped you to grow as a professional and a student?

My graduate assistantship has allowed me to grow professionally by allowing me to develop close relationships with various professionals in my field. It has also given me firsthand experience of the work professors and researchers complete on a daily basis, which has been helpful as I consider my future career path. Finally, it has further developed my communication skills as I have interacted with a wide range of individuals, including faculty members, undergraduate students, fellow graduate students, and members of the community.

Is there anything else you would like to communicate about your experience as a GA?

I am very grateful for my experience as a graduate assistant, especially for the relationships I have developed and the care I have received from faculty members at Ball State University. Not every job experience allows you to integrate your work with educational experience and to do so with many wonderful individuals!