Our 2021-2022 Excellence in Teaching Doctoral Level Award winner is Yusi Chen.  Yusi is a doctoral student in the PhD program in English with a concentration in Applied Linguistics. Dr. Jennifer Grouling nominated Yusi, and she said this about her: “Yusi Chen is especially good at teaching research to first-year students. She values their own contributions as new scholars and helps them navigate library resources as well as primary research. She scaffolds her lessons to prepare these students for complex, academic writing. Yusi is also a very reflective instructor who incorporates feedback from peers and students to continually improve her teaching.”

Here is a Q & A with Yusi.

What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy manifests before I even get to the classroom: in the rigorous curriculum, my design emphasizes effective communication skills, critical awareness, and independent learning skills. It manifests further when I get into the classroom: as I guide students’ learning and development through that curriculum, I make a point to ground each class day in empathy. My approach helps students develop as effective communicators, independent knowledge seekers, and inclusive collaborators, but also as open, empathetic, and critically aware humans—a need in our communities and professions.

What courses have you taught here at Ball State?

ENG 103 Rhetoric and Writing and ENG 104 Composing Research.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love teaching because of students, and I am invested in the student as a whole person. I believe students will work hard when they feel respected and cared about.

What brought you to Ball State University?

One of my respected professors graduated from Ball State University. In order to become the dedicated educator and professional linguist that I most want to be, I am studying at Ball State University and learning from my teacher’s teachers.

Anything else you would like us to know?

I received licenses as a professional educator in Chinese and Teachers of English Learners in Indiana.

What are your future goals/career goals?

I want to be a tenured professor of TESOL or Chinese.

What is next for you after you graduate from Ball State?

I will look for an instructor/lecturer position to teach first-year composition (FYC) classes, English as a second language classes, or Chinese classes.

Dean Adam Beach, Yusi Chen, & Dr. Jennifer Grouling