In May 2021, 10 BSU faculty were provided a week of professional development and support focused on their proposed Internationalization projects. Faculty brought faculty-led study abroad proposals, partnership development opportunities, curriculum internationalization and review concepts, and other well-designed and insightful efforts. Over the course of the 2021-22 Academic Year, these IZN Faculty Fellows will shepherd their proposal and development in conjunction with Rinker Center for Global Affairs.


One such project was that of John Anderson, Ph.D., Director of the Ryan Family Navigators Program. His project, “Passport Saturdays”, brought together 17 first-generation, BiPoC, and low-socioeconomic students as they explored global opportunities and experiences available to them. A panel presentation by Paris McCurdy, Drs. Kiesha Warren-Gordon & Rachel Geesa addressed global opportunities for students as well as teachers, as many student attendees were from the BSU Teachers College programs. This program finally provides financial support to subsidize the cost of applying for passports and acquiring passport and visa photos.


Removing logistical hurdles for engaging in global opportunities effectively facilitates not only study abroad and or tourist travel, but additionally increases capacity and interest in global professional roles, positions and internships. As global experience and competency is often a distinguishing resume characteristic, this program anticipates and addresses student needs effectively.


Great work, Dr. Anderson