In fall 2019, all Digital Literature Review staff members were required to do a project that digitally represents a ghost story, haunting, or theme. The project took many different media forms, and we decided to share them on this page. Enjoy!

Project: Ghost Stories in Muncie, Indiana by Olivia Vecchiolli and Cassidy Forbing

This project explores various paranormal happenings throughout the city of Muncie, IN. It is not limited to exploring just one part of Muncie, as it pulls from both Ball State University and the surrounding area. All stories come from eyewitness accounts, and at times, have multiple people observing the phenomena.

Tags: ghost stories, hauntings, ball state, muncie, Indiana, college

Find this story map here.

Project: A Look Into the Eyes: Exploring Edith Wharton’s Ghost Story by Sammy Bredar, Brache James, Kallie Hunchman, and Addison Paul

A revered professor hosts a dinner party. Throughout the night, the guests share their experiences with ghosts, but the night is not complete without a story from the host, which leads to a disturbing tale about a pair of haunting eyes… After reading a careful analysis of Edith Wharton’s ghost story “The Eyes,” you’ll uncover new insights about her work through creative reinterpretations. Poetry, art, and a short story will give you a glimpse into rich subtext in Wharton’s work and bring new literary discoveries to light.

Tags: Edith Wharton, Eyes, creative interpretation, poems, artwork, short story, poetry, ghosts

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Project: Bridges Between: a Documentary on Hoosier Haunted Bridges by Brooke Beaman, Adam Ladner, and Carrisma Jackson

Three Digital Literature Review researchers go on-site for an investigation into two of Indiana’s most infamous haunted bridges. They explore the stories which haunt those grounds and identify various clues as to if the paranormal activity does or does not exist.

Tags: indiana hauntings, haunted bridge, edna collins, avon

Watch the documentary here.

Project: What Haunts Ireland by Brooke Lilek, Florencia Cutrone, Jevon Osborne, and Ashley Burns

In this interesting informative podcast, Brooke Lilek, Florencia Cutrone, Jevon Osborne, and Ashley Burns delve deep into Irish lore and ghost stories. Approaching the subject in a conversational setting, the group mimics the traditions of Irish storytelling by taking turns recounting a traditional Irish ghost story and responding with their own interpretations on the stories’ effect on the culture of Ireland and the tradition of telling scary tales.

Tags: cultural haunting, Irish legends, Irish ghost stories, discussion podcast, storytelling

Listen to the episodes here:

Project: Busted GhostHunters  Print is Dead: Ghosts, Philosophy, and Paranormal Investigation by Marisa Williams, Isabel Parham, Dillon O’Nail, Hadley Mills, and Haley Carlson

What exactly is a haunting? How much humanity do ghosts retain after death? How do paranormal investigators know if a house/building is haunted? What is the difference between an intelligent ghost and a residual ghost? What even are intelligent ghosts and residual ghosts? These questions will be answered and/or debated in our podcast, “Print is Dead: Ghosts, Philosophy, and Paranormal Investigation.” Many scholars disagree to any possibility of the paranormal, yet others claim to have been affected in some way by supernatural entities. In our podcast, we will give voice to these people, allowing you listeners to choose whether or not if you believe in ghosts. To help with this, each individual team member from Busted Ghosthunters will provide their own definition of what a ghost is, which will prompt you listeners to come up with your own definition. This will ensnare you into the world of the paranormal in which you will never return from. Immerse yourselves in our chilling tales and philosophical outlooks as we dive into the unknown and unexplainable. This podcast covers an exclusive interview about an alleged Lafollete Complex ghost from a resident who lived only a room down from the victim among other things. We would like to especially thank Andy and Shelly Gage of East Central Paranormal Investigators for allowing us to interview them about their process.  Be warned. This podcast may haunt you.

Tags: ghost, paranormal investigation, haunting, death, emotional trauma, interview, personal stories, spiritual

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