College of Sciences and Humanities

The Compass Fellowship in Content Marketing 2020-21

aka “Student Project Managers” at 10 hours/week

Appointments for Fall 2020 filled.
Check back for possible availability in Spring 2021.

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Six appointments available in AY 2020-21. They may span one or two semesters; the length depends on your availability and how much you want to accomplish. Student fellows receive pay for 150 hours of work for each semester (currently $1,080 per semester).

Job responsibilities will start in August 2020 and will include: serving the Humanities departments in the College of Sciences and Humanities (English, History, Philosophy/Religious Studies, and Modern Languages & Classics); creating and managing digital content for blogs, social media accounts, and emails; designing digital displays and print flyers; creating alumni newsletters; attending all class meetings of ENG 375-1, which meets in F20 on TR at 12:30 and W from 2-3:30 PM; and other tasks as assigned.

Required qualifications:  Excellent writing, editing, and design skills; project management skills; ability to train and manage a small team; ability to interact professionally with faculty and students; ability to manage a blog on WordPress; experience using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a professional purpose.

Preferred qualifications: experience using project management software such as Basecamp; InDesign experience; photography experience; Adobe Illustrator experience; Photoshop experience; experience in the English department’s immersive-learning class, ENG 375 known as Jacket Copy Creative.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and the names of two Ball State references to Professor Cathy Day, Professor of English. Indicate your position/s of interest and articulate your qualifications.

graph that illustrates team structure

Student Project Managers (10 hrs week)

Accounts Project Manager  

  • The project manager of the project managers.
  • Serves at the “intake” point of workflow process.
  • Collects the service request from and consults with client to understand project
  • Coordinates the overall strategy and communicates that to team.
  • Makes a decision about project scope and distributes tasks to other project managers.
  • Serves as liaison between client and team.
  • Monitors Basecamp to ensure that all projects are proceeding on schedule, troubleshooting frequently, enforcing deadlines.

Social Media Team Project Manager

  • routine and ongoing social media tasks, such as performing social listening and monitoring
  • Scheduling and posting new content to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and making sure that you make note of this schedule on our content calendar.
  • Engaging with people who respond to the articles posted by the Curation Team
  • engaging with our social media followers.
  • selecting Tweet of the Week, creating the slide, and informing the Curation Team by taking a screenshot of the winning tweet (in the Twitter app–white–not the Tweetdeck platform–dark grey) and adding it to “Who Won Tweet of the Week” document in the Team: Social Media folder.
  • (3-4 people)

Blog Team Project Manager

  • Blog post development
  • Editing
  • Maintenance to WordPress site
  • Scheduling posts and making sure the schedule is posted on our Content Calendar
  • The blog team is also responsible for “pushing” each new post on social media.
  • (3-4 people.)

Curation Team Project Manager

  • The curation team finds, organizes, annotates, and shares relevant and high-quality digital content on a specific topic for our audience. This takes two forms:
    • Weekly or monthly emails to departments. Such as “This Week in #bsuenglish,” Next year, we will expand into MLC and P/RS, too
    • Themes: a weekly (or longer) social media campaign organized around a topic that informs, entertains, and/or educates a segment of our audience. (3-4 people)

Design Team Project Manager

  • responsible for all digital (hallway digital displays) and non-digital (bulletin boards) display spaces we maintain. We want to get people’s attention not just in their inbox and on social media, but also in the physical space of the English department and around campus.
  • creation of designed assets needed by any of the other teams, such as posters, flyers, designed assets for social media posts, etc.
  • every week before Tuesday’s class, they will collect the data for our weekly audit, display it for us, and help us create SMART goals for the following week. (2-3 people)

Channels Project Manager 

  • Last point of contact before project goes live or back to client. Serves in both an editorial and a workflow capacity.
  • Distributes work back to stakeholders or submits it to our various communication channels: Sitecore, Comm Center, Outlook, ChannelsHD, calendars
  • Creates SMART Goals, conducts SWOT analysis and debriefing sessions.