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  • sign that says We Hear You

    Take the Surveys. We’re Listening.

    Hello, my name is Professor Cathy Day, and I’m the Director of the Humanities Compass Advantage in the College of Sciences and Humanities. I’m here with a simple message to anyone who graduated in December 2021 or who is graduating in May or July 2022: please take the Ball State Senior Survey when it shows […]

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  • Phil/Rels Good News: 2021–2022

    With the school year coming to an end, #bsuphilrels has some good news to share! Faculty Dr. Elizabeth Agnew Dr. Agnew presented the talk “Interwoven Narratives: Islam, Activism, and Reconciliation after 9/11” at the Peace History Society’s virtual international conference in October 2021. In November, Dr. Agnew joined a one-year, State Department-funded partnership that brings […]

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