Ball State University’s Student Social Work Association (SSWA) is a club meant for social work majors and minors, who love to make a positive impact on the community. They aim to bring together students to do necessary work in the community. Monthly events create some networking opportunities with local agencies offering insights into the field of social work.

This year’s president, Isabella Noble, is a sophomore from Newburgh, IN, who is pairing her social work degree with a counseling psych minor, in hopes to work as a mental health therapist, or clinical social worker in the future. Her goals as president of SSWA are to keep the momentum going from last year and build the membership numbers back up, due to membership loss from graduation. Currently the group has about 15 active members and hopes to gain a few more by the time this semester ends.

The Organization planned a Valentine’s Day party to make cards for Isaiah house 117 and Viaquest hospice.  Noble said, “This holiday I wanted to spread extra love around the community, and my organization holds events each month, and I figured combining the two would be a perfect way to spend the holiday.”


The students crowded around a round table to listen to the presentation from Hannah Coffman, Expansion Coordinator of Isaiah House 117. They are a faith-based group that provides a temporary home to kids waiting on a foster home, they currently operate in 11 states, and will be building a home in Muncie, Indiana in the near future.

After the presentation, students were turned loose for snacks, candy, and a bunch of art supplies were used to make cards to be distributed by their partner organizations.