Dr. Sheila Abebe presents on Infant Mortality.

Research is a fundamental part of educating future healthcare professionals and advancing medical knowledge into the future. The College of Health faculty regularly engage students in this type of work through their classes, volunteer opportunities, and immersive learning specific courses. The Interprofessional Community Clinic, and Human Performance Lab are key research hubs home to many student researchers working on advanced degrees.

Each semester the College of Health highlights faculty projects with a speaker series, the first of which took place January 24, with Dr. Sheila Abebe, sharing her research, a Quantitative Presentation on African American Infant Mortality Utilizing Community Based Education.
For those who missed the presentation, here is the synopsis, “Infant mortality (IM) remains a critical issue with disproportionate rates in African American (AA) infants in the United States. In this study, conducted in a county with a high infant mortality rate (IMR) in Indiana, we implemented a community-based educational program centered on the Life Course Perspective (LCP) model. The program provided educational information aimed at addressing health-promoting behaviors in the community.”

Dr. Abebe is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing. She is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and accomplished healthcare nurse executive. Research interest also includes: sickle cell anemia, heart failure and major depressive disorder with hospital re-admissions, vaping use associated lung injury (EVALI) among adolescents.

The college has several presenters coming up in the research speaker series this semester, please check out their work and the impact it has on health and wellness in our community and beyond.
All the speakers will take place at 1 p.m. on their respective dates below.

Dr. JC Lebeau, Feb. 12 | HB 103A
Exercise and cognition: How the mind influences (and is influenced by) exercise

Dr. Sheila Burke, Feb. 26 | HB 433
Current Research and Recommendations for Alzheimer’s and Related Dementias

Dr. Jerome Kotecki, March 14 | HB 205
Development of a Physical Activity Screener for Community & Clinical Practice

Dr. Jay Kandiah, March 27 | HB 102
Aesthetic Bias and Disability in the Workplace

Dr. Yihsin Tai, April 17 | HB 102
Effect of COVID Infection and Vaccination on Tinnitus