Students practice, taking a pulse, on a high-fidelity adult manikin in the Clinical Simulation Lab.

Thanks to a grant from the Eli Lilly Foundation for Ball State’s Indiana Youth Programs on Campus (IYPC), the College of Health welcomed a group of nine high school students to Club MEDIC. During the five-day residential camp, students explored the range of professional opportunities in the healthcare field and got a glimpse of the unique and innovative educational possibilities at Ball State and the Muncie community.  

Ball State professionals in Social Work, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics and Counseling Psychology led students through activities, games, and lectures to simulate potential areas of study in healthcare. Campers experienced all the College of Health has to offer—practicing medical procedures and completing lab activities with hands-on simulation technology.

Students read over recipe instructions for an activity with Nutrition and Health Science.


Dr. Alyce Fly, chair of the Nutrition and Health Science Department, led the camp’s nutrition session, where students followed recipes to make tacos, soup, yogurt, cornbread, and other foods to emphasize the importance of developing healthy habits in patients with food aversions or deficiencies. The department wanted to simulate the actual research and work of professional nutritionists and dietitians. 

In addition to activities within the College of Health, Ball State offered Club MEDIC campers preparatory college sessions and a tour of campus. They learned the logistical side of secondary education—how to pay for college, time management and study skills, living away from home, and where to find academic and mental health support. Campers also traveled off Ball State campus to work with Made in Muncie Pottery, the Girlhood (It’s Complicated) exhibit at Minnetrista, and the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse. 

Students participate in an Athletic Training Session with the School of Kinesiology and Sports Medicine.

Preparing high school students in the area for college does not stop with Club MEDIC but will continue into the Fall 2023 semester! The College of Health plans to host students on most Fridays of the academic year, providing more opportunities for unique and professional learning extending into the community. 

Jacob Werst, director of Club MEDIC, presents a cardiovascular lab.