2nd year master’s student Reilly Beaman got engaged over winter break. Congrats, Reilly!

2nd year master’s student Aylin Montes got married on November 5, 2022. Congrats Aylin!


4th year doctoral student Katie Helou is trained in CBT for insomnia, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

1st year master’s student Christian Pena spoke to a doctoral class at Indiana University called Families of Incarcerated Youth. He shared information about his time in the juvenile and adult justice system, his family’s experience during that time, and how he turned his life around and is now becoming a therapist. If you want to consult with Christian about his experiences, he’d love to share more information with you. You can reach him at christian.pena@bsu.edu.

3rd year doctoral student Danielle Miller will be presenting at the Association for Psychologists in Academic Health Centers (APAHC) in Louisville, KY in March on the importance of counseling psychologists in healthcare.

Alum Dr. Scott Barrera, class of 2022, was selected as the Ball State University Foundation Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2022-23. His doctoral dissertation is titled Cultural Affirmations to Increase Cognitive Resources Available in Latine Individuals. Congrats Dr. Barrera!

2nd year master’s student Staci Mannella was published in two journals and a chapter in a textbook –

Bennett, E. V., Trainor, L. R., Bundon, A. M., Tremblay, M., Mannella, S., & Crocker, P. R. (2022). From “blessing in disguise” to “what do I do now?”: How Canadian Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls perceived, experienced, and coped with the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Games. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 62, 102246.

Trainor, L.R., Bennett, E.V., Bundon, A.M., Mannella, S., Tremblay, M., & Crocker, P.R.E. (2023). Inescapable tensions: Performance and/or psychological well-being in Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health.

Bundon, A., & Mannella, S. (2022). Seeing without sight: The athlete/guide partnership in disability sport. In Researching Disability Sport (pp. 143-156). Routledge.


2023 MPA Poster Presentations:

2nd year doctoral student Michael Moses

Littleford, L., Kilgore, A., Beutlich, M., Moses, M.A., & Perez-Arche, H. (April, 2023). Disclosing Experiences with Microaggressions Negatively Affect Observers’ Attitudes. Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL.


Several SHINE Lab members –

Moomaw, A., Schroeder, J., Albarak, N., Whitman, A, Wiggins, A., Flicker, S. M., & Tatum, A. (2023, April). Socioecological strengths of polyamorous relationships. [Poster presentation]. Midwestern Psychological Association annual meeting, Chicago, IL.

Ugurluoglu, I., Albarak, N., Whitman, A., Flicker, S. M., & Tatum, A. (2023, April). Identifying factors that promote self-efficacy for managing polyamorous relationships. [Poster presentation]. Midwestern Psychological Association annual meeting, Chicago, IL.