The College of Health is once again hosting their research focused speaker series. This year a total of 7 lectures will take place. The first six will be at 1 p.m. via zoom, and the last of the series will take place in person.

Lynn Bielski | September 28, 2022
Hearing Loss and Skeletal Dysplasia

Session Description: Skeletal Dysplasia and Hearing Loss: There is not a great deal of data on the prevalence of hearing loss in persons with skeletal dysplasia, and less on the use of amplification (e.g., hearing aids and cochlear implants). This presentation will focus on data collected from adults and parents/guardians of children with skeletal dysplasia. It will explore the relationship between different types of skeletal dysplasia, hearing loss and use of amplification.
About: Lynn Bielski is an Audiology Professor in the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology. She received her PhD from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013.  She teaches courses in diagnostics, amplification, electrophysiology, and hearing conservation. Her research interests include auditory-visual communication and the relation between audition and cognitive function, especially working memory. Her area of clinical focus is auditory processing in children and adults.

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Stacy Walker  | October 20, 2022
The Transition to Practice of Athletic Trainers: Preparation and Experiences

Session Description: The Transition to Practice of Athletic Trainers: Preparation and Experiences. This presentation will overview the transition to practice preparation and experiences of newly credentialed athletic trainers from various practice settings. Successes and challenges of athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals will also be presented to provide the audience with educational strategies.

About: Stacey Walker is a Professor of Athletic Training in the School of Kinesiology. Her research has focused on the transition to practice of newly credentialed athletic trainers and the use of simulation for teaching and evaluation. She is a Fellow of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. She, along with 3 other colleagues, founded the Association for Athletic Training Education, and currently serves as the Secretary.

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Christina Doll | November 9, 2022
Exploring the Crucial Role of School-Based Food Pantries during COVID-19 and Beyond

Matt Moore | January 23, 2023
End Human Trafficking in Sport – A Playbook for Forward Progress

Kalyn Renbarger | February 8, 2023
Addressing Maternal Mental Health in Delaware County through a Community-
University Partnership

Karrie Osborne | March 24, 2023
Assessing Nursing Student Engagement in Clinical and Simulation Experiences

Matt Harber | April 17, 2023 In person Location TBA
Exercise is Medicine