We have amazing professors who are retiring this year. Thank you for your dedication to Ball State, your respective disciplines, and most importantly to our students for your expertise and lessons. We’ve come to rely on their 475 combined years of experience to guide our students to fulfilling careers in many facets of healthcare. Congratulations on stellar careers and an exciting adventure of retirement ahead. We have written highlight documents of their academic careers. You can view their accomplishments, awards and more by clicking on each name below.

Row 1: Renee Twibell, Diana Bantz, Roberta Allen. Row 2: Sharon Van Hove, Marsha Burden, Mahnaz Mahmoodi. Row 3: Cynthia Thomas, Kathryn Humphrey, Mitchell Whaley. Row 4: David Pearson, Anthony Mahon, Thomas Weidner. Row 5: Jane Ellery, Martin Wood, Carol Friesen. Row 6: Leonard Kaminsky, Paul Spengler


Renee Twibell–40 years
Diana Bantz–39 years
Roberta Allen–15 years
Sharon  Van Hove– 25 years
Marsha Burden– 23 years
Mahnaz Mahmoodi– 23 years
Cynthia Thomas– 23 years
Kathryn Humphrey–15 years


Mitchell Whaley– 36 years
David Pearson– 35 years
Anthony Mahon– 32 years
Thomas Weidner– 31 years
Jane Ellery– 19 years

Nutrition and Health Science

Martin  Wood– 28 years
Carol Friesen– 26 years

Fisher Institute for Health and Well-Being

Leonard Kaminsky– 34 years

Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology, and Counseling

Paul Spengler– 31 years