The College of Health is proud to present an Alumni Panel discussion on the future of telehealth. We were delighted to have nearly 50 faculty, staff and students who attended live on 4/18/2022. Engaging the Alumni of the College of Health across disciplines is one way that our college is able to supplement and foster the ideals of Interprofessional Education and Practice.

The panelists began with a series of questions from Dr. Glenn Stone, which included :

  • What did telehealth look like before the pandemic?
  • How did the he pandemic change telehealth services?
  • Where are we now, and what comes next?

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Featured Panelists: 

Shark Bird, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Vohra Wound Physicians


Denny Morrison, PhD 
Independent Consultant, Morrison Consulting

Dana Weaver, MSW
Director of Care Coordination, Henry Community Health

Marsha Casey, RN*

Senior Vice President of Health Professions, Marian University
*Marsha was not able to join us the day of, but we thank her for her contributions in the planning stages of the event.