How long have you been here at Ball State?

This is my 31st year. I came here in 1991.

What are some of the highlights of your career here?

The brightest highlight is the awesome interaction between teaching and doing. I have really valued the experience of staying current and teaching in the areas of psychotherapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and then doing all those things, too, in my own private practice. That is the biggest highlight is working with students and mentoring them. It keeps me sharp in my own practice, and I am really going to miss that a lot. I am not retiring; I am retreading. I am going to keep my practice going and work with some students in that capacity. I also have several data sets I am going to write up.

What are you going to miss most about your current position?

The multiple hats that you wear as a Psychology faculty member. I will really miss mentoring students, interacting with students, and my colleagues. I am kind of shifting focus more than leaving the world of work. I plan to stay involved by going to conventions, continuing research, and engaging with people in our profession. I will surely miss the synergy that you get when you train with students.

What are you most looking forward to regarding your career retreading?

I am looking forward to doing more things I am interested in and doing less things I am not interested in. I am looking forward to being creative, writing, and expressing myself in a lot of ways like cooking or brewing beer. We plan to spend a lot of our time in our cottage in the Adirondacks and spending time with our children.

What parting words of wisdom do you want to leave your current students?

Soak it up! It goes by fast and take it one step at a time.