Meet Dr. Sungwon Chung, Associate Professor and Associate Director of the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication. He teaches advertising media and research methods, and his research focuses on how the content and structure of strategic communication influences motivation, emotions, and cognitive processes in various contexts.

Can you describe your personal journey that led you to become a faculty member at Ball State University? 

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea. During my college years, while taking a media planning class, I became highly motivated to explore the study of media effects. After graduation, I pursued my graduate studies in the U.S. at Michigan State University. Then, I earned two doctoral degrees at Texas Tech University: one in Mass Communication with an emphasis on media effects, and the other in Instructional Technology with an emphasis on multimedia design. My first position as a faculty member was at Fort Hays State University from 2015 to 2019. Seeking a balance between teaching and research, I joined Ball State University in 2019. Here, I founded and currently lead The Embodied Media Cognition Lab

What do you do in your free time?

On campus, I like swimming and the Lewellen Pool is one of my favorite places at BSU. Another favorite place is North Quad. I enjoy walking along our beautiful campus. Outside of campus, I enjoy traveling with my family. The most recent memorable place I visited is Quebec City, which we reached by driving from Muncie. 

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far? 

In 2022, I advised two brilliant CCIM students for six months in three rounds of a national-level media plan competition sponsored by the Washington Media Scholar Foundation (WMSF) media case study competition. We won the 2nd place award. This is one of the proudest and most rewarding moments in my career. 

Can you share one thing that people don’t typically know about you? 

I am a very open-minded and positive person (more than you might think). I appreciate hearing critiques and different perspectives, as I believe they have contributed to making me a better person and educator. Additionally, I tend to progress slowly, especially with new tasks, but I am constantly improving. Therefore, you may need to be patient when working with me for the first time. 

What are you most proud of as a faculty member at Ball State and in CCIM?  

I was greatly impressed when I first arrived at Ball State and explored the CCIM buildings. I firmly believe that our facilities, encompassing student media organizations, classrooms, and labs, are highly competitive on a national scale, creating exceptional student-centered learning environments. 

What do you think is most important in creating a positive environment for students, faculty, and staff?

I believe that collegiality, including peer respect and support, along with productivity among faculty and students plays a crucial role in the functioning of the college. These values are essential for fostering a positive work atmosphere and making a significant contribution to the creation of a safe and engaging learning environment. In turn, with the ongoing cycle, they provide insight into the contributor’s perspective on the elements that shape the culture at Ball State.