Meet Ethan Dahlen, a 2021 media graduate with a concentration in video production. From Ball State Esports anchor to WANE 15 anchor, Ethan shares the experiences and opportunities he has had since graduating from Ball State.

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What kind of student were you at Ball State?

I was very involved outside of the classroom. I was a host on Cardinal Sports Live, headed up the broadcasting for the esports club and eventual team for a few years, and was involved with faith-based clubs on campus including Cru and The Revolution.

Was there a professor that stood out to you?

Dr. Mike Gerhard in the Department of Media. He always had a different angle or interesting perspective on current events and tied it into our lesson plans. Even a well-read student would be caught off guard by how he approached teaching.

Previously, you said “Digital Literacies” was your favorite class, is that still true?

Looking back on it, it still holds true. In journalism we use all sorts of emerging media types, and this class was my first introduction into seeing how medium impacted the message.

Ethan at WANE 15

Ethan at WANE 15

What was your best memory of Ball State?

I witnessed an electrifying atmosphere in the esports arena where a Rocket League match was underway against Akron. It began as a club, a dream that existed before my time, and I had the privilege of helping to keep it alive. It’s fulfilling to witness the torch of that dream burn brightly and continue.

What are you up to now that you’ve graduated from Ball State?

I currently work as a journalist for WANE 15 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can catch me on the 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. newscasts.

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?

Ethan interviewing former Vice President, Mike Pence.

Ethan interviewing former Vice President, Mike Pence.

It’s either filling in to anchor on the weekends or interviewing former vice president Mike Pence. Being able to help pull together a show and execute it from the anchor desk — working on it from top to bottom is unbelievable, but also having the trust of your boss to undertake an important interview is a great feeling!

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