CCIM Outreach launches the first college-wide career fair the College of Communication, Information, and Media has hosted during a fall academic semester. 


Community Involvement

14 companies showed up to offer opportunities to our talented students.

“The CCIM+ Career & Internship Fair is a great way to connect students with prospective companies that have a vested interest in expanding or improving their communications, media, and storytelling efforts,” says Brian Hayes, Assistant Dean for Student Outreach and Engagement. With an emphasis on spring and summer internships and jobs, faculty support was paramount in making industry connections and coordinating such a successful student-focused event. Held in the David Letterman Communication and Media Building lobby, this high-traffic area was the perfect location to meet and interact with students from across the college.

Fourteen companies that are industry leaders in news, entertainment, tech, advertising, and public relations participated in this event, providing our students an opportunity to explore a variety of career options. Hayes continues, “Every company, regardless of their niche market, needs skilled people to help tell their story. CCIM is producing some of the best talent in the business, and we wanted to help make those connections for our students.”


Student Participation

36 students utilized the free professional headshot photography taken by Abby McElroy.

The fair took a holistic approach to career planning by having multiple stations where students could utilize some of the new services provided by CCIM Outreach. No matter what part of the career journey a student is on, they’ll need a professional headshot for their LinkedIn profile. Student Abby McElroy was able to provide 36 students with new headshots, highlighting both her stellar photography skills and another field that students may go into.

Students who were further along in their career and internship journey utilized a resume review with Brian Hayes, Assistant Dean for Student Outreach and Engagement. Fifteen students walked away from the career fair with guidance and next steps to improving their resumes to make them stand out to potential employers.

Student receives feedback from Brian Hayes during resume review.

CCIM Outreach has a superb student team that supported this event through social media campaigns and photography services. With more than 400 students in attendance, we’d agree that the digital campaigns were very successful. “Planning the CCIM+ Career & Internship Fair was a great opportunity to utilize my design, social media, and marketing skills to create a campaign that helped recruit exhibitors and show students the value of the event,” says Alex Bracken. 

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