On Tuesday, September 27th a reimagined University Media Services Equipment Checkout was unveiled. Located in BC 153, tucked away near the loading dock and close to the studios, a larger and more open space is open to accommodate our robust programs.


Who can check stuff out?

The equipment checkout works under a three-tier system, but don’t worry there’s equipment for everyone.

The most common equipment to be checked out falls under the Department of Media’s section. There are three whole rooms full of high-tech equipment. The starting package for this department runs a whopping $7,000! Considering the high price tag on these devices only students enrolled in a qualifying production class can check these out.

The same goes for anything under the School of Journalism and Strategic Communication. Only students in a qualifying journalism class can check things out from this section. They have about one room worth of equipment focusing more on high-end lenses.

There is a variety of equipment available to all CCIM students as well. To check out, all you need is a Ball State ID. This equipment falls under United Media Services (UMS) and they have a room full as well. Equipment check-outs are for 1 business day so if checked out on a Friday, you’ll get it all weekend to be creative!

The Equipment

There’s something for everyone with rooms full of every tech item possible. Here are just a few featured items available to everyone:

  • Camera:
  • Sony NX5 camera with Tripod
  • Sony 430 camera with Tripod
  • Sony HDV camera
  • Lighting:
  • 3 point light kits
  • Rifa 44 kit
  • DP kit
  • Audio:
  • Zoom H4n
  • Zoom H2n
  • Handheld Mics
  • Lavalier Mics
  • Wireless Mic
  • Other:
  • Misc. Tripods
  • FMU unit
  • Headphones
  • We provide batteries for DSLR, PD-150/170, EX-3, and Nx5 cameras only. They cannot guarantee charged batteries, so always make sure to double check your charge before a shoot!

For more information on the policies and procedures for checking out gear, visit University Media Services Equipment Checkout.


Can’t find your way there? Not a problem. Finding your way can be a little confusing if you’ve never been before.

First head down the hall towards the Ball Communications building on the first floor. Then you’ll see a hallway that goes off to the right, turn down that hallway. Follow it down until you see room numbers in the 150s. That’s where you’ll see it, off to the right down a short hallway you’ll see an open garage-like area. Head there and inside is BC 153!


All students are held liable for the equipment checkout, which if you remember can be up to or over 7,000 dollars! So be careful, we want all students to have an opportunity with the equipment.

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