Kyle Heuett, Glen Stamp, and Scarlett Hester made a student’s day by helping them with a flat tire change. They are indeed displaying the CCIM spirit!


Kyle Heuett is an associate professor at the Department of Communication Studies at Ball State. Dr. Heuett has been working to understand the long-term effects of positive group and team participation within organizations. His research involves testing relationships between positive group/team participation and member commitment to their organization.





Glen Stamp has taught at Ball State since 1991 and has served as the chair of Communication Studies since 2003. In his spare time, he takes care of his dogs (Louie and Ali), his turtles (Samantha and Sabrina), and his axolotls (Dexter and Deb).






Scarlett Hester is an assistant professor of Communication Studies. Her research centers on artistic work that combines notions of the body with race, gender, and sexuality to critique structural power and inequality, specifically within professional sports culture.







The School of Journalism and Strategic Communication was amid accreditation, so Natalee Seely offered her help to Dr. Sparks in a spur-of-the-moment interaction.


Dr. Natalee Seely is an assistant professor at The School of Journalism and Strategic Communication. Dr. Seely’s published works appear in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Newspaper Research Journal, Electronic News, and Feminist Media Studies. Many of DrSeely’s research interests stem from her experience as a news reporter in West Virginia.






Terry Heifetz and Tim Underhill were “caught in the act” because of their assistance in this year’s Constitution Day program. With their aid, the event was able to be live-streamed.


As a lecturer of Media, Tim Underhill seeks to inspire his students year after year. Through his experience in digital storytelling, he prepares students for their turn in the spotlight.







Having experience in media for 30 years, Terry Heifetz helped build several immersion programs including NewsLink Indiana. He is all about immersive learning. Terry lets his students take control while he guides them to the right path.





Did you catch someone (including yourself) displaying the value of CCIM? Did they do an outstanding job? Did they brag on a student? Did they help someone? If so, let us know here so we can demonstrate that we value them!

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