One Ball State Day was an incredible success. This year we raised upwards of 1 million dollars for the whole University and 67,728 for the CCIM Department! With lots of friendly competition and tons of amazing donors, OBSD was a day to remember.

Leading Up

Leading up to OBSD was a busy and exciting time for not only the CCIM team but for every college. Since One Ball State Day is such an important fundraiser, it has been in the works for months now. As a team, we crafted promotional videos, such as Adele Reich telling us all about how our donations affect student organizations like Newslink.


What Everyone Had to Say

Our amazing donors spoke for themselves. As in previous years, we made use of the Donor wall. So, anyone can go and take a look!

OBSD CCIM Donor Wall


Although a big chunk of One Ball State Day was online, the Letterman Lobby was PACKED! There were tons of super fun activities. You could grab some snacks, take a selfie or even get pied in the face! All of our staff and faculty felt so grateful to be a part of such a successful event this year.

Our Community Is Strong

One Ball State Day continues to blow us away with record-breaking numbers every year!

  • Overall CCIM raised $68,978.50 from 1,056 gifts. Here’s the breakdown:
    • Communication Studies has raised $13,056.88 from 412 gifts.
    • School of Journalism and Strategic Communication has raised $16,856.44 from 270 gifts.
    • Ball State Student Media has raised $9,385 from 109 gifts.
    • Center for Information & Communication Sciences has raised $11,454 from 80 gifts.
    • Ball State Public Media has raised $8920 from 58 gifts.

Dean Turner Thanks You

All of this wouldn’t be possible without you, the donors. So our very own Dean Turner sends out a great big thank you to you all!