I help run the social media pages for the Ball State Football team. Join me while I share what a normal week of work looks like!

Hello! My name is Madison Surface and I am a Digital Sports Production student in my Junior year here at CCIM. During the 2020 season, I was hired to help with the football program’s social media. I showed up for work at every game and I posted play-by-play updates on Twitter and Instagram throughout the game, to keep audiences in the know. This summer, I was brought on as a student assistant, so I now come into the facility on a daily basis. I have started working more with operations and recruitment throughout the week, so there’s a lot of projects I do in the office regarding those areas. 

 * * *


Our Student Team

One of my favorite parts of my position is getting to work alongside my fellow Media students. We all have had classes together, shared professors, and worked on projects together, so our team works well together! While I tend to social media during the games, my peers are constantly collecting content for me to edit and post on all of our channels or pitching me ideas on how to make our content more engaging. They are all so creative and I find myself learning something new from one of them every day!

Office Work

As a Media student here at Ball State, one of my favorite jobs is to create graphics for the team.

The classes I took in the Gateway program taught me how to use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, to create some social media graphics for the program.

Game Day Social Media

On game days, I continue to post play-by-play updates throughout the game on the Ball State Football Instagram stories.

We have all of our game stories saved on our Instagram (as you can see circled). Here are some examples of the play-by-play content I create and post!

Game Day Photography

Our team has a game day photographer, who is also a Media student here at Ball State. Her name is Maeve Bradfield and we get to work together before, during, and after games on action shots of the team. Maeve takes the photos and I edit them to match the theme of both our Instagram and Twitter media…which means there’s a lot of red, black, and white! Here are some before and afters:


As I mentioned before, I also work in football operations and recruitment for the team, so I spend most of my days at the football facility…and I wouldn’t trade it. I have loved getting the opportunity to use the skills I have learned in the Media school in a “real life” setting. I have a strong passion for athletics and football specifically, so I feel blessed to be able to share my love for creating content and sports in such a fun way.