Sports Link collaborated with the Ball State Football team to create content for the intro video played on the big screen before each home football game.

 * * *

The Team

As a student who works for the football program and is a student of Sports Link, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and can speak for both parties when I say how grateful we are for this Creative Shoot. It provided useful content along with learning experiences and a chance for Sports Link and the football team to grow their relationship. We look forward to continuing this partnership, along with our other sports teams as the years continue on.

The best part about being a member of this organization is that we each have our own “niches” or strengths. I have never felt like I was competing against my peers. We each have our strongholds and we all have an unspoken agreement to trade skills and information with one another so that we all grow as a team. Some of us are good at using cameras, while others of us thrive in editing. Some of us love being in front of the camera interviewing players, while others prefer to work in the production. This is what I believe makes our organization so strong and successful. I am blessed to be a member of Sports Link.

The Big Screen

Another fun part of being in this organization is the access to technology, that we may not otherwise have the chance to use! Sports Link’s Chris Taylor worked with Sight and Sound Technology to rent out a giant electric background for the Ball State Football players to take footage in front of. The players had no idea what they were walking into until they walked through the doors to hear their favorite music blaring and their names on the lit-up background. The guys immediately went to work dancing, posing, and cheering in front of the cameras. They were naturals and Sports Link did what we do best…





























Trophies, Rings, and More Props

In a separate room from the big screen, Sports Link set up a white backdrop and had multiple props for the guys to pose within creative pictures. These photos have been and will continue to be used for social media before, during, and after games. The players, of course, didn’t mind receiving them too, for their own social media accounts.

The 2021 Season’s Intro Video

Aside from all the social media content and photography created at our Creative Shoot, we also got a lot of video footage that was used to edit the team’s intro video that is played for the crowd, right before they take the field at home games. Sports Link students Faith Denig and Peyton Monnell produced this video.


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