Meet Chris Davison, an associate professor of Computer and Information Technology. In this blog, Chris shares why he likes teaching computer and information technology and what student take away from his classes. He talks about his current projects, including TIPPERS, a technology being tested out at Ball State University.

 * * *

How do you get students excited about your class/classes?

I have many years as an IT professional. I like to integrate real world experiences into my classroom to augment the theory and conceptual aspects.

Could you give us the top three projects you have worked on?

What has been the proudest moment in your career so far?

Seeing my research and technology being used by the US Navy.

Have you won any awards for your work? If so, what are they and which ones are the most significant to you?

  • Best Pedagogy Paper: IACIS 2021 Conference
  • CICM Distinguished Researcher 2021

Can you share one thing that people don’t typically know about you?

I am a very good automotive technician.

What are you most proud of, as a Faculty Member of Ball State?

I am quite proud of my students’ successes.

What do you think is most important about Ball State?

From a faculty perspective, BSU is a perfect blend/mix of Research and Teaching. We, as faculty, get to do both here!

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