Hello CCIM Family! My name is Madison Surface and I am a Sophomore here in CCIM. I am majoring in Telecommunications with a focus in Digital Sports Production and have loved growing in this college. I am also the President of the Philanthropy Education Council, which is the student organization that plans the student engagement aspect of One Ball State Day. This opened the door for me to work closely with CCIM as a student ambassador this year! This blog post highlights the accomplishments and goals we reached together on Ball State University’s annual day of giving, One Ball State Day. This was a monumental day for CCIM and we are so thankful for all those who have been able to support our faculty and students!  

screenshot of Madison Surface's instagram post about One Ball State Day


As a college focused on teaching communication, information, and media, our team started working on our One Ball State Day months in advance. This culminated in the creation of a promotional video showcasing our students in an over-the-top setting. We opted for a hype video typically used in the athletic realm in order to boost the #TeamCCIM spirit. We collaborated with Ball State Unified Media Services and the Marketing team to deliver on our vision.

Students, Faculty, & Alumni Give Back 

We could not be more grateful for such a successful day! While, yes, it was fantastic surpassing our goals for gifts, our favorite part was seeing all the love and pride our student, faculty, and alumni have for Ball State University. Chirp! Chirp!

Screenshot of student with a dean turner cutout

Here some Journalism students can be seen posing next to a Dean Turner cutout provided by the BSU Foundation!

Screenshot of student with President Mearns cutout

A student poses with a President Mearns cutout, encouraging his peers to to give back!

We also had faculty members sharing on social media and our CCIM Donor Wall showing their love for their students and careers. Our faculty lead by example on the power of giving on One Ball State Day.  

screenshot of faculty announcing how they are giving back

SportsLink’s Chris Taylor tweeted out how he was giving back, in hopes of encouraging others to do the same!

Student media posing with Dean Turner cutout

Lisa Renze tweeted a picture of her student media gathered around a Dean Turner cutout.

Students and faculty were not the only ones sharing their stories and giving back. Many alumni posted pictures of their experiences during their time at Ball State University, as well as explained why they would be giving to their specific department of CCIM.  

Screenshot of Aluminums tweeting about One Ball State Day

Emerson Lehman brought out his old Cardinal spirit wear for One Ball State Day.

Taylor Imus reminisced on her times at Ball State.

Taylor Imus took some time to look back through pictures of her time at Ball State.

The CCIM Story Wall

As a college of storytellers, we decided to utilize the donor wall and turn it in in a story wall where students, alumni, faculty and friends of CCIM could make gifts in honor of an individual or special memory of their time at Ball State. Comm Studies faculty member, Peggy Fisher received a lot of love as she is about to retire, with multiple posts dedicated to her on our donor wall!

Screenshot showcasing CCIM Donor Wall

One Ball State Day Baby 

Ball State CCIM alumni, Joe Huber, won the Dean’s Favorite Story Challenge, where participants shared a story of why they would be giving on One Ball State Day. His story? His wife and he welcomed their newborn baby into the world on One Ball State Day!  

screenshot of Dean Turner reacting to the news of a One Ball state Day baby

Dean Turner recorded a message congratulating the family. We now have our first CCIM One Ball State Day baby!

Engagement in the Letterman Lobby 

The gifts given on this day will be used to help faculty, students, and our college. We are so thankful for the impact that you made on One Ball State Day and are excited to continue growing as not only a college, but as a community. After a year of adapting due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we enjoyed hosting the BSU Foundation in the lobby of the David Letterman Communication and Media building! We were fortunate to be able to hold in-person initiatives that followed social distancing guidelines. Cardinals care!

Picture of Dean Turner cutout

Dean Turner participated in a Dean Cutout Challenge put on by the BSU Foundation, where students and faculty were able to find different Dean cutouts around campus to take pictures with an effort of promoting their department and One Ball State Day on social media! 

Record Breaking Year 

One Ball State Day 2021 shocked us all in the best way and blew our goals out of the water!  

  • Overall, CCIM raised $62,041 from 1,292 gifts. Here is the breakdown per department:
    • CICS: $13,594 from 213 gifts
    • COMM: $14,900 from 463 gifts
    • JOUR: $10,565 from 196 gifts
    • TCOM: $4,061 from 134 gifts
    • Sports Link: $5,399 from 63 gifts
    • Student Media: $5,433 from 160 gifts

Here is an overview of the accomplishments we get bragging rights for:

  • CCIM placed 2nd on the college leaderboard unlocking $2,000 in challenge dollars
  • Student Media had the first donor of the entire 24-hour event 
  • Alumni, Betsy Mills, was named as a top ambassador
  • Student Media won the Student Organization giving challenge and received $500 
  • Communication Studies placed 2nd on the academic unit leaderboard, unlocking $4,000 in challenge dollars
  • Student Media placed 1st at the 7-8 p.m. challenge for non-academic unit with the most donors, and won $1,000 in challenge dollars.
  • CICS placed 5th in the “5 Hours, 5 Areas” challenge recognizing the top 5 areas that raised the most money from 7pm-Midnight with a $1,000 reward.

Thank You  

We are so thankful for all of the support we received and the stories that were told on this day! A special thanks to: 

  • Everyone in the CCIM community who helped promote the event, made donations, and shared their CCIM story with us. 
  • The Media Services here at Ball State University that created promotional content with our CCIM task force to prepare for the big day. 
  • Ball State’s leadership team and Foundation who successfully assessed the situation, adjusted the university’s approach as needed, and kept us in the loop throughout the process. 
  • Last but not least, the amazing CCIM One Ball State Day task force made up of creative and talented individuals who had to pivot hard and fast repeatedly to adapt to the situation.