Melissa Watson, better known as “Mel” is a 1988 alumna of the Telecommunications Department. She has worked in news since she has graduated and is currently the News Director for 13 ABC Action News in Toledo, Ohio. We sat down as she retold her college days and what happened after CCIM.


Writer: Caitlen Ramey, Department of Journalism Student • Interviewer: Any Ung, ’19 Telecommunications grad • Video: Ball State UMS 

What type of student were you?

I was definitely the studious type. My father gave me strict instructions that my time at Ball State was to be educated, get a degree so I could get a career. I enjoyed my time at Ball State but I definitely was focused on my education more than anything.

Did you have a favorite place on campus?

I spent the most time in the TCOM building which was before the Ball Communication building was built. But I would also say that my favorite place then and now is the Quad, especially in the fall. I would go there often to just walk around and enjoy the crisp air and fall leaves. It was just a nice place to get away.

Do you have a best or worst memory from your time at Ball State?

Absolutely. I met my husband here so that’s definitely the best and worst memory. He and I actually went to rival high schools but our paths never crossed until college. He worked as a staff member in Clevenger hall and I moved into Brayton. I immediately disliked him because of the fact that he went to the rival school and he ended up dating my first roommate. Fast forward a year later, we ended up dating and have been married for 30 years.

Is there a professor that made a lasting impact on you?

Dr. Joe Misiewicz was one of my favorite professors and he was the head of the department my senior year. Dr. Joe really wanted to help students succeed and he still does to this day. He still makes appearances on campus every so often. Looking back, I would say he was one of many who had a significant impact on me and got me to where I am today.

How did the Telecommunications department equip you with the skills for success?

Campus has really changed since my college days. We didn’t have the Ball Communication building until my last semester so I never really had the chance to use the new equipment. We were taught things the old fashioned way and it never really bothered me because of all of the world knowledge our professors had and were passing on to us. The Ball Communication Building really changed the scope of the Telecommunications department and I was thrilled for the classes after me to have that experience.

I come back to Ball State year after year and the advances that are being made across campus and in CCIM never cease to amaze me. I have had the chance to hire a few Ball State students and the skills that they have are incredible, there is not a better school in the Midwest than Ball State.

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