Written by Melissa Kraman

Caitlyn Demlein has directed and produced more than 20 movies, entertainment shows, and projects throughout her collegiate career. And she still created content in an online environment as the University took aggressive measures in response to the threat from COVID-19.

“I heard that the telecommunications department at Ball State was one of the best, so I knew I wanted to become a Cardinal,” Demlein said. “I came in with no experience, but through all the hands-on opportunities and professors who mentored me, I now feel empowered to excel in the telecommunications field post-grad.”

The senior telecommunications major with a concentration in digital production fell in love with the camera at Ball State. Videography and telecommunications became her passions, which she continually developed through unique opportunities.

From producing episodes on “BSU Tonight,” Ball State’s student-run late night comedy talk show, to directing student documentaries, managing production crews, and editing videos, the LaPorte resident racked up extensive experience.

Among all her projects, Demlein’s favorite was working with Pale Moonlight Cinema, a local group of filmmakers and storytellers, to produce “Popsy,” based on a Stephen King horror short story. Demlein helped lead the project as one of the assistant directors.

“Working on this production was something I’ll never forget,” Demlein said. “To earn this opportunity and network with such talented individuals, plus dive even deeper into video production, was an amazing experience.”

Over the spring semester, Demlein took her courses remotely and collaborated virtually with professors and classmates. This time away from campus also enabled her to focus on her creative writing and plan new projects that she will pursue next semester.

After graduation, Demlein plans on staying at Ball State to earn a master’s in information and communication science.

“It is truly an amazing experience to be a College of Communication, Information, and Media student,” Demlein said. “To be able to earn hands-on opportunities, touch real-world work, network with professionals, and have access to professional studios and equipment enabled me to pursue my passion and find my purpose.”