Students at Ball State University have a new and exciting opportunity to study abroad with the official launch of “BSU-in” by the Study Abroad program and the Rinker Center for Global Affairs.

BSU-in is a semester-long, study abroad initiative designed to address critical challenges and opportunities in international education, according to Ashley Coker, director of study abroad at Ball State.

Moreso, the BSU-in program in Puebla costs nearly the exact same as a semester on campus, showcasing its affordability to Ball State students.

“There’s such a long history of study abroad being thought to be this unattainable thing that is only for students of the most means that can afford to drop $20,000 extra on a study abroad program,” Ms. Coker added. “This really does change that in an important way.”

With a launch date for Fall 2024, the program aims to rapidly develop and mobilize a pilot faculty team.

Puebla, Mexico, has been chosen as the pilot location for its affordability, safety, rich cultural heritage, and academic resources. Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant and welcoming community while exploring a region abundant with cultural and historical significance.

Ball State’s partnership with Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP) in nearby Cholula, Mexico, ensures a comfortable and culturally immersive environment. Student housing mirrors the convenience of American dormitories, fostering a sense of community among program participants.

Participants in the program will be immersed and integrated into the local culture by experiencing its traditions, providing hands-on engagement with Mexican history, art, and culture.

The program also features a four-day excursion to Mexico City and Teotihuacan. During the field trip, students will explore ancient Aztec temples, gain insights into Mexico’s political and artistic history at the National Palace, and navigate the canals of Xochimilco, among many other experiences.

To encourage a multidisciplinary learning environment, the pilot cohort is designed to have a faculty member from several academic disciplines. This approach fosters cross-disciplinary perspectives and enriches the educational experience.

The carefully curated selection of courses, led by Ball State professors, aligns with University requirements. Examples of courses offered include Inquiries in Global Studies, Topics in Hispanic Cultures, Global Health, Spanish Conversation, and more.

Students participating in the program will be required to take at least three of the BSU-in courses, while also maintaining the flexibility to choose additional courses from various options, including one course directly from UDLAP. All students much take at least one course in Spanish.

“BSU-in allows students to have a signature Ball State experience while progressing towards graduation,” Ms. Coker said. “Many of the classes are inside the University Core Curriculum that will be taught by Ball State faculty.”

Applications to participate in the 2024 program will be available to students beginning Jan. 15, 2024, and close on March 15, 2024.

For more information, please visit the Study Abroad program website.

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