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Choosing a university or college to attend is one of the most important decisions a student can make. It impacts whether the college experience is a good one or a great one—and whether the student will be ready to pursue a career, an advanced degree, or additional training after graduation.

For many students seeking a great college experience while preparing for the next chapter in their lives, Ball State University is the right choice.

Senior Ky’lie Garland-Yates and junior Nate Stewart share why they selected Ball State, and why they remain certain they made the right decision.

Ky’lie Garland-Yates

Ky’lie Garland-Yates

MAJORS: Geography, with a concentration in Meteorological Studies, and Geographical Information Science (GIS)   

HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan

Meteorology, and anything related to the weather, are Ms. Garland-Yates’ passions. She determined that Ball State is the crossroad where her passions and her path to a fulfilling career intersect. When she got to campus, she found more than a top-notch academic program in her field.

“I looked into Ball State’s [Department of Geography and Meteorology] program, and it stood out to me as being high quality. I knew that Ball State was the right choice for me.

“When I actually got here and I got more acquainted, I realized how passionate the teachers in the department are about the topics they taught. It wasn’t like they were coming to teach students just as a way to support themselves and their families; you can see it in these teachers’ eyes. They make classes interesting, fun, and adaptable to the students.

The professors that I have had at Ball State are sympathetic and empathetic.

Last year, I was going through a lot of stuff. I had a lot of deaths in my family. And the deaths were back-to-back. My teachers were willing and able to work with me. They were like, ‘I’m sorry for your losses. Let me know what I can do to help you or your family, or how I can help you so that you can finish school and get your degree—so that you are comfortable, and mentally and emotionally prepared and ready to progress with your [school] work, at your pace.’ They made sure I was okay. It was not scripted; it was genuine. That really helped me. I would not have been able to get back on track with school if it wasn’t for that support and assistance. They adapted to me and my situation. That meant the world to me.”

Nate Stewart

MAJOR: Marketing

HOMETOWN: Noblesville, Indiana

After numerous visits to Ball State, Mr. Stewart was bowled over by the atmosphere of this campus community, and impressed by all of the opportunities for educational and professional growth for the students.

“It’s a smaller campus. You don’t feel like you’ll get lost in a crowd of other students. And, there are all of these different opportunities for career development—like internships, and networking with professionals and your peers in your field. That’s the main reason why I choose Ball State.

With different campuses, there are a lot of students and minimal faculty. I think the Ball State faculty-student ratio is pretty good. You feel like you have more of a personal relationship—more like a mentorship—with faculty and T.A.s [teaching assistants]. They’re available and willing to help.

Ball State is pretty career-focused in terms of the curriculum, what the professors and instructors are teaching, and the different events held (especially events held by the Miller College of Business) like Dialogue Days, career fairs, and the Career-Ready Program.

My favorite thing about Ball State is the sense of community here. I don’t want walk around campus feeling like I don’t know any of the people around me. I don’t feel lost in a crowd. I don’t feel isolated. You can have a lot of fun here, too. There’s lots of typical college activities going on.

Also, at Ball State, you will get every single tool that you need to be successful in your career—which is really why you’re here, and why you’d want to come here.”

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