Updated on 1/4/23

Ball State doesn’t rest on its laurels.

The physical campus is constantly evolving to keep up with modern academic needs or to make the University a more welcoming place for students.

This last semester was no exception. The University made serious progress on several ongoing construction sites.

Check out the big changes that took place at Ball State in Fall 2020.

LaFollette Demolition, Phase 2

LaFollette demolition in November 2020

The outdated LaFollette is coming down to make room for the fantastic North Residential Neighborhood.

Demolition is taking place in phases. Phase 1 started in 2017 with the razing of Woody/Shales Hall and some of Mysch/Hurst. This Spring, Phase 2 demolition began on everything but Brayton/Clevenger Hall.

The Phase 2 demo was completed in November and site restoration is scheduled for Spring 2021.

Progress on Residence Hall 2

Plans for Residence Hall 2

Residence Hall 2 is located on the footprint of the former Carmichael Hall. The University demolished Carmichael in 2019 to make room.

The $60 million Residence Hall 2 is expected to open at the start of the 2021-2022 academic year and will be home to the Education Living-Learning Community. Like the North Residence Hall, which opened in Fall 2019, it will have around 500 beds.

Progress on the Foundational Sciences Building

Foundational Sciences Building at Ball State.

The new Foundational Sciences Building is located on what will become the new East Quad, a shared space with the Health Professions Building, which opened in 2019.

The University broke ground on the 208,000-square-foot, Foundational Sciences Building in September 2019 and expects it to open in Summer 2021. The new $87.5 million, five-story structure will be the home of the chemistry and biology departments and is part of a plan to replace the aging Cooper Science Complex.

Progress on the Multicultural Center

Ball State's new Multicultural Center in October 2020.

The University broke ground on the new Multicultural Center in October 2019. Construction is expected to wrap up in spring 2021 with a possible move-in next summer.

The new $4 million building will be 10,500 square feet in the heart of campus, near Bracken Library and Pruis Hall. The center will provide services closer to where students live and study, and it will feature amenities designed to assist and support all students and to promote diversity and inclusion.

Progress on Scheumann Family Indoor Practice Facility

Construction progress of the Scheumann Family Indoor Practice Facility

The $15 million Scheumann Family Indoor Practice Facility is expected to open in Summer 2021 with 84,000 feet of space for football, softball, baseball, and soccer teams and the Pride of Mid-America Marching Band to train in.

The structure is named in honor of June and John Scheumann, ’71, who made the lead gift. John is a former football player. The Scheumann name is also featured on the football stadium.

Progress on the New Pedestrian/Bicycle Paths

The 2015 Campus Master plan prioritized improvements to pedestrian and bicycle transportation to connect open spaces, especially for people wanting to travel north and south throughout campus.

Construction on multi-use paths have begun. The paths will include lanes for each direction of travel and special striping, symbols and signage. They will make the university more attractive, more environmentally sustainable and safer.

Old Police Station Demolition

This winter, the University demolished a building south of the Student Center that at one-time housed the University Police Department. Most recently, it housed Immersive Learning offices.

After Immersive Learning staff moved to the Oakwood Building on the northside of campus, the aging building was no longer needed. Next year, the area will be paved for additional parking.  

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